Maya ek junoon ek darr (Episode 2)

The episode opens with nisha (maya secretary)

Suggesting positions in her company while maya rejects everything and then suddenly maya says a position of photographer would suite him as he is an expert in that these . In arjuns flat, he is still sleeping even after sleeping in mayas house. He gets a call from an unknown number he picks the call and acts and talks like a girl thinking that the ones who called him might be his ex-girlfriend family. And maya says she is Maya mehrotra from fashion and the city . Arjun gets shocked and says sorry maya and then tells maya mam. She says she is his friend not boss. And arjun tells whatever why did she call from other number she could have called from the no. She gave him. Maya says sorry. Arjun tells why did she call him. Maya says he is selected as “Fashion And The City” chief photographer. He gets happy and tells wether she is telling the truth or not . Maya says she is telling truth and before arjun questions her again she cuts the phone. And after cutting the call maya looks herself in mirror and from back someone enters and tells maya darling Maya hugs her and tells when did u come back . She is mayas friend ridhi.

Ridhi: so maya mehrotra found her love the one who can bring her back from her mental sickness

Maya says yes she is just attracted to arjun . Maya reaches home and servant tells her that when she went for groceries and came back she saw a huge potrait covered with curtain. Servant shows her and maya removes the curtain and she gets scared recognizes the potrait as rajeev randhawa. She runs in the kitchen brings knife and starts shredding the potrait in pieces she is scared and she gets some haunting memories and she shouts and arjun comes there at the same time

Precap : Aniketh maya brother comes to france and maya sees someone on laptop and cries badly

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that Maya gave job to arjun.surprising that Maya is already attracted to arjun.why is Maya scared of rajeev?

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