You may now kiss your enemy! Three shots on Rumya by Ninanku

Hey guys. Im back ❤? how badly i missed you guys. Ill be doing some shots for sometime now. Later will bring up a long story. Abd its good to be back ✌ love love and love ??

▪Rudra’s POV:

Heir of the oberois, Dashing muscular abs, Handsome hunk…who wouldn’t drool over?? Being the centre of attraction, It’s not your fault Rudra singh oberoi. Just look around..Girls falling over you, other men literally with burning stomachs. I guess this is life.

People around are pouring thousands of questions. Amidst all the confusions and commotions, i could gather the words and assume the question of a curved pretty figure. Ah!! It’s Reshma.

“Can you lift objects of any weight??” She asked.

Seriously??.. How come such a breathtaking hot girl come up with such a dumb question.

With total hesitation, i shrugged my shoulder. “Yeah, why not??” I added.

Even her?? Reshma asked pointing to something. I turned to look at THAT.

Have i seen any girl, that fat?? My goodness. Does she eat only her food, Or does she snatch away her neighbour’s too? She must be weighing a lot.

▪Sowmya’s POV:

After such a hectic day at college, Uffff!!!! Do i really need to do my show now. Haiyappa ! I need rest.

I entered this nearby cafe, so that i can have a cappuccino. I managed to save some, after allocating required sum of money to the rent and rest.

Woah!! A huge crowd. Did any cini star enter here?? I wondered and swayed across the hall to get a glimpse of who it was.

I managed to see, but Reshma there.  Ms.’flirtie??? What is she doing here? Drooling over that star? Trying to get his attention? … huh!! This girl i say.. i hate her. Hate her because she never treated me well. I swear ill kill her one day.

As the crowd started moving by, i saw HIM. What?!?! Rudra? That Dumbbell singh oberoi!! Was all this build up for him? We’ve never spoken. I know he’s famous. But why does every girl fall over him like a fly on a jackfruit. I’ve seen him score 3 out of 100. “Jeeeez!! Grow up girls” my mind said.

Just when that flirtie threw a question. “Can you lift objects of any weught??”

Like seriously? But yeah.. what to expect? A dumb one asking another dumb one a dumb question.

“Yeah why not?” He said.
“Show off” i muttered lowering my chin.

“Even her?” A voice came. Im sure it was that flirtie’s. Trying to hurt someone now.

I raised up my head and saw her finger pointing me. Like really?? That witch was showing me?? Wont she even mind her own business?

Now that Rudra turned towards me. He had this most disgusting look towards me. Now if he says something that irritates me.. im going to kill that joker.

(Point of view ends)

“Her? I guess it’s a difficult task. She looks like she swallowed her mom when she was feeding her. But for you.. i would move mountains” Rudra said winking at Reshma.

Sowmya who didnt even care what they were talking,  when she heard the word “mom” her anger knew no bounds.

The nest second, she gave him a tight slap and one could see her eyes turning red.

Everyone gasped and the scenario turned silent. Rudra rubbing his cheeks turned to sowmya with a furious face.

She tried to leave the spot just because she didnt want to see his irritating face. But, he held her hand in the nick of time and pierced his nails into her wrist.

Wincing in pain she pushed his hands away from hers. He stands up, just when, he trips and falls right over her.

Her head hits right on the floor and his face safely lands beside her neck.

She grabs the back of her head and squeezes her face clearly showing her pain.

He chins up and notices her in pain. He even notices her broken laptop on the side.  He gets up immedietly with no further mess or he knows the resulting consequences, “Gossips”.

He knew she’ll definitely argue over her broken laptop. So he speaks no word and stubbornly stand up.

Her eyes were teary now. She was totally lost in thoughts as to how she was supposed to repair her laptop amidst all the money issues.

She stares at rudra now. Not uttering a word, but it was clear that her grudge towards him reached some peak.

Her glare was broken when suddenly her phone started ringing.

“Sir! Yeah.. it’s me love angel” she says and the entire crowd which was just monitoring the scene started clamouring. Rudra was awestruck.

“Sorry sir. I wont be able to do my show today. There’s a problem with my laptop… sir.. but sir… please sir..” was what heard at the end of her call. Sowmya stared at her laptop and now her sight turned to rudra.

Her eyes were literally throwing out flames. She held his collars so tightly. But wasnt in the position to show her anger. Her laptop was broken. Her only hope for her income.

She broke down in front of him still grabbing his collars. His heart had a distraction. She cried and he was the reason. His favourite RJ, Love angel. Yes he was angry when she slapped him. But she had to stop her show which by the way was his favourite obly because he broke her laptop.

Slowly leaving his collars she walked away from the cafe step by step like a lifeless person.

After spending the evening at the cafe, rudra returned still with the distraction in his heart.

At a distance, where a lonely street light brightened only a small part of the street, He saw her again. Looking totally pink, maybe due to crying.

Rudra noticed a drunk guy near her. Giving no other thought, he rushed towards her like a protector. 

She saw him and a second later theor eye lock was broken when the drunk person interrupted.

“Where’s the daily income?” He asked forwarding his hand towards sowmya. With a confused look, Rudra looked at sowmya.

“I didnt do my show today pa..they didnt pay me..” she stammers.
And in the blink of time, the drunk person who is revealed to be her father slaps her hard.

Rudra immedietely holds his hand before he raises his hand against her.

Giving him a deadly glare, her fathergrabs her pink cheeks so tightly with his other hand.

“Boy friend uh?? Now you’ve started bringing goons to control me uh? *slurp*

Before she could say anything..”YES!!! I take all you money and drink it up. Yes..You go to college with your scholarship yet manage all the rest with you radio show. 

And yes.. you earn for the family day and night. Im not a villian. Im your father. It’s your duty to keep me happy and im happy this way” he says and sleeps on the ground.

Hearing all of it, Rudra felt so guilty. While somya gave him a glare and bent down to pick up her father. Rudra tried to help. But she signed him not to. Yet he decided to follow her.

Reaching their house, a small rented one, Sowmya struggled to carry her father.

Rudra tried entering her house for help while she closed the door right on his face.

“How rude?” He thought to himself while still his heart knew that he was worth this.

He kept swaying around her house for a while. She grabbed his attention while she was looking the window.

They shared an eyelock for quite a while. He stood balancing himself on the lamp post. While she glared at him siting beside the window.

Shivika fans. After this three shots ill be coming with a shivika shot. Dont worry. ?? and hey silent readers.. im back ??? im crazy only.. ok tata bubbye ? infinite love ❤

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  1. Bubblu

    its awesome chlm….welcome back…Shivika shot..waiting eagerly..plz do come with a rikara shot..I adore them alot..About the episode…awesome ma…Super ah iruku….

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou bubblu ma ❤❤ and sure.. rikara will have a shot !!

  2. Oh man!! kickass start for rumya shots.. . Damn happy to read ur story again.. Glad you are back ?❤

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      Hey sammm❤❤❤ missed you! So cane back soon?

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    Dear Ninaku
    Thank You So Much For This RuMya Shot?Now IB Main RuMya Story End Kiya Hai.Aur Main Tho Unki Story Miss Kartha Hu.Zyaada Nahi.Becoz Of FF SS OS Writers Like Yo.Sirf Aap Writers Hai Jo Hame RuMya Ka Story De Saktha Hai.Thank You So Much For That.Not Only ShivIka,OmRi Ka Bhi Shot Lekhar Aana Okay?
    All The Best?

    Take Care?

    1. Ninaku

      Aww UF thankyou ♡♡ means a lot. And i love rumya a lot !!!!!!!!❤❤

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