You may now kiss your enemy! Last shot on Rumya by Ninaku

Hey guys.. back again.. sorry last time i wrote it as “i am good in shots” instead of “i am not good at shots” ?? my mistake. And i know im really bad at shots.. and love only ??

It was the mid of september, with their semester exams approaching.

Sowmya requested her station head to exempt her only for this whole week so thay she can concentrate on her studies. Inspite of her asking him not to give her her salary, he insisted her to take it as it was her only way of income.

She knew Rudy must have told him to do it. She smiled and cut the call.
She now runs down the corridor and peeping through his class window, signals him to meet her after college.

“I’ve got all the notes from the proffesor. We should just go through it and im damn sure that it’ll be enough for you pass this exam. And with just a year more in college you should manage to clear all your arrears. Dont worry i have notes for that too. I collected the notes from our juniors”  she said in a single breath making Rudy adore her cute antics.

“Aur chale?? She asked.
“Kahaan?” He asked with confusion.
“Back to my place. Group study” she says and without his reply drags him to her house.

Though i hate studying why do i always hesitate to say NO to her when she asks for a group study? Damn!! Studying too feels happy with her.  What’s happening to me??(Rudra’s mind voice)

When i peeped into their classroom, i could see reshma eyeing me with total rage. And all the girls knew i came for rudy. If he stays any longer here after college.. they”ll definitely  take him away to some cafe drooling over, having no shame.

So escaping him from such a situation, i called him over  for a group study. I know he hates studying.. it is rather stuDYING for him. But why do i feel jealous… wait.. im not jealous.. maybe i am..sowmya No.. you are not… ufff I AM !!

Control yourself sowmya. He was your enemy anyway. We are just being friends to avoid a cold war between us. Just like a formality. He was your enemy.. just enemy.. ( Sowmya’s mind voice while dragging him to her place)

Rudy couldnt take his eyes Off her, the whole time. She was explaining him the whole concept. She felt uncomfortable seeing him having no concentration over the concept but over her. She clears her throat and enquires him whether he understood the concept.

Getting back to his senses..”Well.. yeah yeah..” he stammers.

“Well let me check.. when there are several dimension lines, which dimension should be nearer the view?? The longer or the shorter.

“Err.. the dimension which usually is nearer will be nearer even now.” He said doing his logic sign.

“No wonder, you have 12 arrears” sowmya rolls her eyes.

He suddenly nears her with his gaze fixed with her randomly moving nervous eyes. Too close that she closes her eyes to just feel his presence and to resist her cravings. Damn she wanted his breath on her but all of a sudden NOW?? she didnt know what ro react.

He stood so close breaking all her pain of her past. He stood so close that their triangle noses hit, creating magic around them binding them in the same position. He stood so close making her knees feel weak.

She tried to speak up and moved her lips “Ru” but fortunately or unfortunately that made their lips rub. So she clutched her lips in a blink and spoke no more.

While rudra was enjoying his effects on her. Her deep nervous breath was indeed fun for him.

With no second to bear all this heat between them, Rudra pecked her lips. Her heart skipped a beat. Yet she never moved away. Rudra backed off as if nothing happened. 

“The nearer dimension ofcourse. See, i knew the right anwser.” He says and turns over the pages to snap her out of the incident.

“I… i.. guess.. you should go now..” she said dragged him out looking everywhere except his eyes.

“Go? I mean.. we just started.. you should teach me more” he says with a smirk.

“Er… no chance.. we were enemies remember.” She says and closes the door right on his face.

“Why does she always slam the door on my face.. and Enemies?? Is she even in her senses?” He scratches his head and stands by the door.

Both stood on either side of the door and smiled, reminiscing the moment that happened a few minutes ago.

Two weeks passed and it was the day of their last exam. It wasnt normal like always.. it was bit weird though.

Whenever Rudra came before sowmya she stammered and faking a smile she swooed away.

It wasnt different for the rest.. cause whenever someone enquired about Rudy to her.. her answers were

“We were enemies”
“Yeah he’s good”
“I dont know where he is”

On the other hand, Rudy got totally pissed off. He went straight to sowmya held her shoulder.

“See.. i never felt this way in my life. Hurted. I’ve been ignored before..but they never meant anything. THIS ignorance of yours, kills me.

It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel special weeks ago, makes you feel so unwanted today.

Two weeks back i kissed you? And you feel embarrased by that? You think i’ve kissed all the girls i’ve flirted with.. you’re wrong. I was saving myself for the best. And the best thing that happened to me was YOU.

Beside you i feel.. Happy. So let me not waste another minute and confess  this.. (Panting heavily) I LOVE YOU !

With eyes reflecting angerness, she held his collar.
“How dare you do this.. how dare you..” she says and falls on his chest.

Rudy faint smiled seeing sowmya reject his proposal.

Just when she rauses her head up and speaks up.

“How dare you enter my life??
“How dare you break my laptop at the first place??
“How dare you give me back my job??
“How dare you made me your friend?
“How dare you took my father to a rehab, relieving him from being a alcohilic??
“How dare you turn all my sorrows into happiness??
“How dare you kiss me ??
“How dare you give me all these new tingling feelings in my heart??

You were supposed to be my enemy..
Enemies dont do that.
Cheater. You cheated in the name of enemy.

He was were the others.
Being a dumbbell singh oberoi he didnt realise what she said.

His friend babblu nosed in now.
Do you Rudra, love sowmya?? He asked.

“I do” rudra said.

Now facing to sowmya “do you sowmya consider this.. “enemy of yours” as a better half?? He asked.

“I do” she said.

Then now you may kiss your enemy !!
He said. And everyobe cheered leaving behing a blushing sowmya and confused rudy.

“I love you too idiot” she says and pulls him for a kiss.

So that’s it. Chamelies accepted. ???
So will be back with a interesting shivika three shots. ❤ stay tuned. And do suggest any name for my shots. Infinit love ?

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  1. Last part epic???that “i do” and u many kissur enemy thing.. Wow.. This 3 shots! It was really cute..

    1. Ninaku

      Thankieee ??was really worried whether it would come out well or not.. thankyou so much ❤❤

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Lovely update

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou nikitha ❤❤ happy you liked it ??


    1. Ninaku

      THANKYOU Uf ❤

  4. Bubblu

    superb da…amazing…luved the shot…You are good with shots baby…

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou da.. ??am i seriously?? Wahh !! I didnt know ?? thankyou by the way baby.. Romba sandhosham ???

  5. Aarti32

    Fantastic yaar..d last part was hilarious..I do?

    1. Ninaku

      Aarti thanks ❤❤❤?

  6. Ankita27

    Amazing… Superb… Fantastic… update.. loved it… last part was hilarious ‘I do’…. ??? waiting
    waiting for ur next 3 shots story… take care…

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou ankitha ?? really happy that i could do well with shots and impress you ?

  7. Shashi

    Woooooooooow. Super !! Amazing!!!!!! Wonderfull!!! Soorry for being late dr and thanks for fullfilling my wish. Thank you sooooo much. You r sooo sweet. guess what u have a superise from me. Meet my clazz mates. They read your story.

    1. Shashi

      Hai niku i’m udari. I don’t know about this serial but ur story is awesome. I love to the slap given by sowmya. Thats great. All the best!!!!!!

      1. Shashi

        hi niku, i’m nilu i love your story very much. All the best!!!

      2. Shashi

        hi niku, i’m jayani. Heart touching story. I love the way rudra propose to sowmya. All the best!!!!

      3. Shashi

        Hi niku im duloki. Very interesting story. We all enjoyed lot. All the best.

    2. Ninaku

      I was damn waiting for you to read. This story is exclusively dedicated to you shashi ❤❤thabkgod you liked it. Since this was my first time with shots i was quite tensed. Hope it really was good enough. And awwww what a khidkhithod surprise. Heyyyy udari and nilu. Guys this means a lot !! Shashi is my dear friends and you will be too. Do read my stories and tell me if im improving. ??? eeee you guys made my day. ??

  8. Shashi

    Oh niku hope u like my gift. There r many but sorry dr. My pooor 4n will broke into pieces if i allow them to comment. You have make them crazy by ur story. Anyway they all bless u for ur future and said that ur story is mind blowing one. Specifically we all to proposal scene . I also took few minutes to understand sumo’s reply. U rocked it yaar.

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