You may now kiss your enemy! 2nd shot on Rumya by Ninaku.

Hey guys !!! Back again after the weekend. Lovely comments. And yeah rumya fans assuring you that i like rumya more than ruvya. I really cant stop myself from missing my chubby bubbly sowmya ❤ and sorry.. im really good at shots.. so bear with me.. i know it’s quite normal.. will give you another interesting story in few days ??infinite love ❤

“I just wanted to talk” he muttered audible to sowmya.

While she ignored his words and pretended to stay there by the window a little longer.

He was literally becoming a prey to the mosquito guys. As if he has the sweetest blood, every single one of em started sucking his skin.

He was totally annoyed by them which clearly was seen when he wiggled his hands to swoo them away.

Yeah he was her enemy but her humanity indulged in, saying he must now be helped.

She walked down the road now, which was pitch black except the place he stood. It was gleaming under the street light.

She could see his eyes pouring out his feelings. Obviously the guilty ones.

She gives him a angry stare..” what the hell do you want?? Cant you mind your own business. Are you still not happy even after breaking my laptop? I nearly lost my job today.. what else do you want?? She silent-yells in a single breath.

He was just giving her a blank stare and the next second started crying.

She couldn’t assume why he as crying.
“Will a GUY cry when a girl shouts.. too dramatic isnt it??” Her mind voice says.

“Hello hello.. why are crying now.. dont create a scene here..i was just saying what you did to me…” she tries calming him.

“I just wanted to speak and you started pointing out my mistakes…hear me out for once..” he says wiping his tears.

“Arey cry baby.. just shut up shh shh..” she says moving close and shushed him placing her hand on his lips.

He clears his throat and realises their position. Proximity being too close yet eyes emitting the hatred.

Before she could take a step back he moved his hand to his sling bag unknowingly rubbing her bare waist uncovered by her crop top.

She hissed and grabbed his shoulder tightly. And knowing that she is feeling uncomfortable he moves back and takes out a brand new laptop from his bag.

She bends down and looks at it with shock.

“Repaying for my deeds” he says with a smirk.

“No thanks. I dont need pity acts. Im worthy enough to buy a new one. You dont need to.. ” she says.

And this made him go on his nerves.
“What??! Do you think i do this more often? And FYI this is not a pity act. I know i made a mistake and im just rectifying it. If it was a pity act why would i wait here the whole evening getting love bites from mosquitos?.. he almost smiled saying the last statement.

While she furrowed her eyes and moved towards her house.

Just when he held her hands, “love angel !!! Have some love..” he whines.

She hid her developing smile and loosened her hand from his’s and ran inside her house.

It was like a fairy tale for rudra. Hearing a lot of stories form dadi always helps. He guessed that she smiled and hopped away to his mansion happily.

Next morning, not only sowmya was shocked getting an apology call from her station head but also amused getting a new laptop from him.

“Sorry sowmya.. i shouldnt have spoken rude to you. Your show is what getting all thr attraction towards our station and i shouldnt have threathened you. My deepest apologies.

And i heard you have broken your laptop and that being your reason for the change of show cast.. so we have bought you a new laptop.

All thanks to Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi..(sowmya raises her eyebrows) he told me what had happened yesterday and you know what??? He donated 5 lakhs for the charity group we’ve been collecting. So the laptop was totally my gift to you, for bringing Mr.Rudra to our help” he says and shakes sowmya’s hand and leaves with a smile.

She leaves for college with her eyes constantly searching for him.
Finally finding him in the canteen taking sips of his cappuccino.

She rolls her eyes “i told you not to do any favours” she says and continues ranting.

While he forwards his hand.. “Friends??” He asks.

While she just stands all blank and pulls out a clumsy smile abdd forwards hand. He gebtly grabs it and firmly shakes it.

“Do me a favour will you??” He asks.
And she nodds cutely.

“Smile like a girl next time. Not like a zombie” he says and she taps his shoulder in a jerk and they both laugh.

He wasnt a total lover boy all of a sudden but his change really did make the other girls fans of his a burning stomach. He started slending extra time with her.

He didnt know what to name his newly found feelings. He felt happy beside her. Was it because she was his Love angel or was it like those filmy things.. developing a liking for the one who raised her hand against him for the first time.

They started doing group studies and guess what… Rudra started to do well in his exams. Rudra taught sowmya how to play a guitar. And he even accompanied her to the radio station sometimes.

He finally asked her the thing which was nagging his mind for quite a long time…”why she slapped him when he started to speak about her mother?”

With tears just ready to roll by she pushed them in and started speaking.

“Mom died. Few month ago. I had no money to save her. Dad got depressed and started drinking. I couldnt blame him cause he feels guilty for not earning for the family. He was fired from his wireman job” she says and breaks down near his legs.

He bends down and holds her shoulders.

Just when a professor crosses by. “These teenagers nahh… they’ll love each other and they’ll break up and cry.. how many such people do i have to see??” He says and leaves.

Rudra and sowmya look at each other with an awkward silence maintained.
Just when Reshma enters and says..”love… break up…i knew it.. i kbew you were a crap… i knew you had just abs and no brains.. i know you will fall in love.. but with this fatty? Dont you have a taste..” she says and ” SLAP” a loud sound occured.

Sowmya fullfilled her long awaited goal ‘to slap Reshma’. Reshma went out in fuming in anger.

“You slapped her because she called you fatty??” He asked gasping yet not sharing an eyelock.

“I slapped her cause she called you a crap and that you have no brains. How can she call you that.. that too before me..” she said without realising what she was speaking.

He was speechless and touched her hand slowly. Jumping back to reality..
“Errr… i mean.. she was right. You are a crap and yes you have no brains. But only i can say that.. i cant tolerate someone else saying that..” she says..

While he narrows his eyebrows and they both laugh again.


So the next shot will have the confession part and the ending. So shivika fans be ready fir a cute shots on the way for shivaay and anika. You’ll get to see a totally different story. And sure ill bring a omri story too, as per the readers wishes. So have a happy evening guys.. love ❤❤

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