May I Come In Madam Review: Known concept keeps up the comic quotient

Life Ok’s May I Come In Madam is a comedy fiction series. It is a story about Sajan Agarwal aka Sanju, who is caught between his dominating wife Kashmira and his attractive boss Sanjana. The misunderstandings grow unwantedly, even when Sajan is not at fault technically. Sajan works as employee to Sanjana, and is hugely influenced by her beauty. Things get out of control when he starts liking Sanjana and then Kashmira looks terrible to him.


Main Characters:

Sajan Agarwal:


He is a henpecked husband who is dominated by his wife Kashmira, his mother in law and brother in law Bhupesh. Kashmira’s brother and mother stay with Sajan and Kashmira. Sajan is often troubled by Bhupesh and mummy ji, and also by Kashmira’s Dadi’s spirit who visits them frequently. Sajan is smitten by his gorgeous boss Sanjana and daydreams a lot about her. Sajan faces much hurdles on personal and professional front.



Kashmira is Sajan’s dutiful, loving and caring wife. She controls Sajan to much extent. Kashmira does not doubt on Sajan much, but her mum and other sources plant doubt in Kashmira’s mind. Kashmira is good by nature, but transforms into a dangerous lady when Dadi’s spirit gets inside her. Kashmira then beats up Bhupesh angrily. Dadi’s fear is often useful in controlling Sajan. Kashmira is a homemaker and thinks her value is decreasing in Sajan’s eyes.



Sanjana is Sajan’s boss in the Use me advertising firm. She is Boss Mr. Hiteshi/Peon Chedilal’s daughter. She is stunning, chic, smart and emotional lady. Sanjana often depends on Sajan for the best taglines for the ads. Sanjana misses her mom mostly and hides her emotional side. She parties hard and enjoys her life, unlike Sajan. She strictly believes in professionalism. Sanjana finds Sajan an innocent man.


Sandeep Aanand as Sajan Agarwal/Sanju
Sapna Sikarwar as Kashmira
Neha Pendse as Sanjana/boss
Anup Updhyay as Chedilal/Hiteshi
Shoma Rathod
Deepesh Bhan

Story So Far:

mayi27Sajan Agarwal’s home and wife are shown in the intro scene. Kashmira starts the day with puja. She wakes up Sajan and asks him to go to office. She checks his phone and has little doubt on people around him. Kashmira is extra cautious about Sajan’s female colleagues. She gets to know that Sajan’s new boss is female and asks her brother Bhupesh to keep an eye on Sajan/Sanju.

mayi4Sajan gets awestruck seeing Sanjana for the first time and gets mistaken. He assumes she came to give an interview and boasts of himself. He later realizes Sanjana is his new boss and scene gets hilarious. Kashmira’s mother is shown, who passes funny taunts on Sajan. Sajan and mummy ji often get into an argument. Whenever Sajan falls in doubt by Kashmira, Kashmira’s Dadi’s spirit haunts Sajan. It results in Sajan and mummy ji hiding in the bathroom, while Dadi catches Bhupesh and beats him to pulp.

mayi16Back in office, Sajan starts daydreaming about Sanjana the moment he gets free time or she comes across him. Sajan and Sanjana’s office scenes get funny as he misunderstands her words mostly. Sanjana’s intentions are not like Sajan interprets. Sanjana’s father was a peon Chedi lal earlier in same office, and then his past is known. Chedi lal has won a lottery and bought this company.. then Chedi lal converted into the boss Mr. Hiteshi. The role swapping of peon Chedi lal and boss Hiteshi is comical and seen a lot of times. Later on, Sajan falls in trouble during a meeting where Sajan works for lipstick ad campaign. He gives an idea to Sanjana. She improvises it and to make it practical, she applies her lipstick mark on Sajan’s shirt.

mayi5Sajan gets hugely worried thinking Kashmira’s Dadi will beat him up. He calls his friend Khiloni and asks for a new shirt. Sajan covers up the shirt matter for sometime. Sanjana calls him up and asks for the marked shirt again. Sajan gets to know Khiloni has thrown it in neighbor’s house and a series of funny scenes begin. Neighbors Raj Kishore Bhaiya and Kanchan Bhabhi ji get into the frame. While Sajan goes to Raj Kishore’s house and comes back, Kashmira’s Dadi catches him coming home late at night.

mayi32Sajan climbs a pole seeing Dadi and runs to hide in bathroom, along with his mother in law. Sajan and mummy ji have arguments in bathroom. Bhupesh gets beaten by Dadi again and blames Sajan’s wrong activities for his state. Sajan stops Raj Kishore from telling Kashmira about the shirt. Raj Kishore returns the shirt to Sajan just before the meeting and saves Sajan at nick of the time. Kashmira sees a tv show against men, where anchor tells about men’s mentality. Anchor tells about knowing men’s loyalty and checking by few tests.

mayi26Kashmira follows that show and thinks to test Sajan. Mummy ji suggests Kashmira to ask Sajan about their engagement day. Sajan fails to answer it. Sajan carries Sanjana’s saree at home. Sanjana requested him to pick it from laundry service. Kashmira misunderstands that Sajan got it as gift for her. She tells mummy ji that Sajan very well remembers the anniversary. Kashmira wears the saree and shocks Sajan. Sajan had seen Sanjana’s emotional side for the first time and really wants to return the saree to her. He thinks how to get back saree from Kashmira. Sanjana calls Sajan and asks him to deliver the saree on the same day. Sajan starts lying to Sanjana and falls in the web of lies as Sanjana targets many questions on him. Sajan is stuck again in unavoidable matter. He has to keep Kashmira and Sanjana happy.

Our Take:

mayi9As per the show title and tagline, the show concept sticks to the man’s problems at home and hurdles at office. When the person gets a attractive female boss, his work looks simple. The story brings a man’s imaginations which turn funnier and entertaining at times. The show succeeds in expressing what cooks in a man’s mind. The concept is clear and hilarious by the double meaning one liners added. Sandeep is superb as Sajan, while Sapna and Neha too are good in their portrayals. Anup Updhyay as Chedilal/Hiteshi brings a comic delight by swapping in his roles and dialogues. The background songs added on Sanjana’s entry and Sajan’s fantasies add more humor to the scenes. Sajan’s inlaws bring more comic spice to the story. Overall, good character sketches as per the story requirements. Well paced story without any dragging. It is entertaining without any dramatic three times shocker expressions. Actors need a mention to bring more spark in the concept. Well maintained comic timings in the scenes make the show more watchable.


mayi17One would enjoy the show to take a break from over dramatic saas-bahu and non progressive love stories running across other channels. Life Ok has made a good attempt to introduce comedy serials at prime time slots. For all Sab TV fans and viewers of Bhabhi ji Ghar Pe Hai show, this one is specially tailor made for comic buffs.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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