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May I Come in Madam 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhupesh taking Sanju and thinking to leave it near terrace door, it will be fun. He drops Sanju at terrace and says madam’s cabin has come. Sanju thanks him. Bhupesh says you are a good man and leaves him. Sanju says madam and goes to terrace. Boss asks Sanjana did her anger calm down. She says yes, I m sorry to be angry. He says its fine, and gives bouquet to Sanjana to cheer her up. She laughs and thanks him. She says someone else did mistake, why are you giving me flowers.

He says I scolded Sanju, he will come and apologize, you are kind, I know how to make him fine. She says you don’t know to manage Bua. He says I told you she is alien, why did Sanju not come. She says its fine and does shayari that they got to know something. Liftman comes running

and says madam, Sanju has gone to terrace to commit suicide, I was there with Julie. Boss scolds him. Sanjana says we have to see Sanju first.

Sanju calls out Sanjana and thinks he has come to balcony. He stops at the edge and asks did you remove balcony railing, are you there madam. Sanjana and boss see Sanju. Boss asks Sanjana why did you scold him so much that he is committing suicide. Sanjana says excuse me, you scolded him and he went in depression. She asks Sanju to come down from terrace. Sanju realizes Bhupesh left him to terrace, let my eyes come and then see what I do. Boss says come downstairs. Bhupesh asks Sanju to come down, my sister will become widow if anything happens to you. Liftman says come down, I won’t play song in lift next time.

Sanju says they think I m committing suicide. He says madam, I know I was giving you attitude, its not like that, you and your heartless Papa scolded me a lot, I don’t want to hear that, I will go to heaven. She asks him to stop being melodramatic. Sanju says you are still taunting me. She says sorry, don’t commit suicide, I can’t forgive myself. He asks really, am I your fav employee. Bhupesh says its me. Boss scolds Bhupesh. Sanjana tells Sanju that he is her fav employee. Sanju asks Sanjana do you like me. Sanjana says yes. Sanju gets glad and says you saved me, I m coming down, but how.

Kashmira asks mummy will she have tea. Mummy says yes. Kashmira asks her to be fit. They both argue. The milk boils and flows. Kashmira says this is abdhagun, is Sanju is in problem. Mummy says its all superstitions. Kashmira asks why did you keep many rules in my marriage. Mummy says I was stupid to get you married to Sanju. sanju says I m coming and falls down from terrace. He falls over Bhupesh. Sanju says I m fine and goes. Bhupesh screams. Boss asks Bhupesh not to do drama and get up.

Later, everyone sit to have food. Sanju does not see food and asks Kashmira for food. She says I gave you. He says I mean give me pickles. Kashmira gives him. Mummy cries for Bhupesh. Kashmira says Bhupesh has grown up, when will he take care. Sanju asks Bhupesh to say how did his hand broke. Bhupesh says I fell from stairs. Sanju asks Kashmira to feed him food. Kashmira says Bhupesh’s hand broke, what happened to you. Sanju says food gets tasty by eating food by your hands. Kashmira gets shy and says everyone is here. Sanju says so what, shall we stop romancing because of them. Mummy asks Bhupesh to come, we will go to room and talk, I will feed food by my hands. Bhupesh jokes. Mummy beats him. They leave.

Sanju asks Kashmira to feed him. She asks him to close eyes and say whats made. He says think its closed, it won’t affect, I will close eyes. She feeds him food. He says its same. Boss comes home drunk and Bua catches him. He lies to her. Bua scolds him. Boss asks am I kid that you will beat me. She asks are you challenging me, where is Sanjana. He asks did she not come till now, am I responsible for her, she is educated from London, she is out of hands. Bua asks him to sit with her, let Sanjana come, I will explain her.

Sanjana is at pub and calls Boss. She asks is Bua awake, is she infront of you, did you get caught. He says yes. She laughs and says when I come near home, get me inside home. She ends call. Bua asks whose call was it, Sanjana. Boss says yes. Bua says I knew its Sanjana.

Sanju goes to mummy’s room and thinks he came to his room. He hugs mummy and thinks she is Kashmira. He calls her fat and asks her to do exercise daily. She screams. Kashmira and Bhupesh come and switch on lights, asking what happening. Kashmira asks Sanju what is he doing here. Mummy says I screamed because of him. Bhupesh asks Sanju what was he doing.

Sanjana tells Sanju that they will go to water park, I m going to wear bikini, you tell me how do I look. He says I will try. She says that’s sweet. He thinks madam is wearing bikini when I m not able to see anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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