May I Come in Madam 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana talking to Lalwani. She says I really like your spirit, you launch one product every month. He says yes, I have to, as products are not working. She says I m sure this time product will be hit, what is it. Lalwani asks where is Sanju. She says he will come, tell me what is it. He shows the fertility injection. She says its nice to increase agricultural production. He says no, its for human production, any woman will get child by this. She says oh, thats nice.

Lalwani keeps injection beside. Sanju comes. She asks why did you get late. Sanju says he went to bathroom. She asks him to sit, Sanju sits on the chair and gets injected. He screams. Sanjana asks what happened. Lalwani smiles seeing the injection and says this is my new product which you used,

this had medicine. Sanju asks which medicine. Sanjana says I will explain him later, Lalwani leave details here, I m call you by preparing jingle. Lalwani says if anything happens to Sanju, it will be big news. She says I hope not.

Sanju says what pregnancy injection, what face will I show to world. She says come up with new ideas, we have much work. Sanjana’s friend comes to meet her. Sanjana greets her and makes her pregnant lady sit well. Sanju congratulates the lady. Sanjana asks him to think of something. She talks to her friend. Sanju thinks of jingle. He hears Sanjana’s words.

Sanju talks of motherhood and says I was a little kid, I felt everything in mother’s womb. Sanjana asks Sanju to cut the apple and get it. Sanju meets Khiloni at night. Sanju drinks. He tells about the day. He says I got pregnancy injection by mistake. Khiloni says very sad, then… Sanju says I was cutting apple for Sanjana’s pregnant friend and my finger got cut. Khiloni says filmi, did she tie her saree pallu to your finger. Sanju says no, it did not happen like that, she scolded me and sent me to doctor, I got jealous of a lady, Sanjana was loving her pregnant friend, I felt I should also get pregnant, madam would hug me too. Khiloni says its just for 9 months. Sanju says its enough for us. Khiloni gives the idea to Sanju.

Its morning, Khiloni gets Sanju to office. He takes him to Sanjana. She asks what happened, he is looking so pale. Khiloni says since morning, he is fainting. Sanjana asks Sanju how are you feeling. Sanju says guilty, as work stopped, I will not forgive myself and Lalwani, the injection made this state. He acts to faint. Sanjana says okay, come here, are you fine, look into my eyes, are you feeling better now. Khiloni says better.

She makes him sit and fans air for his relief. He imagines her. Khiloni says what happened to him. Sanjana says open your eyes, what happened. Sanju acts to be ill. Khiloni says we will take him to doctor. Sanjana says fine, take care of him.

At hospital, Sanjana asks Kashmira not to worry, Sanju will get fine. Mummy jokes on Sanju. Kashmira worries. Doctor comes and says congratulations, you are going to become Maa. Sanju says she is my boss. Kashmira asks Sanju what was he doing inside, can’t you say who is wife and who is boss. Doctor says Sanju is good husband to do wife’s work, its good news, Sanju is pregnant. They all get shocked. Doctor says he is going to become Maa and will become father too. Sanju gets shy and hugs Kashmira. Khiloni says congrats.

Sanjana says I don’t understand, how can a man become pregnant. Doctor says its possible, its not the first time. Sanjana asks how. Doctor says let me explain. He talks in medical language. Chedi says explain well. Doctor says its complicated, I think you should focus that new member is going to come in your house. Mummy taunts Sanju. Sanju asks Kashmira to see her mummy. Kashmira says what will happen of Sanju. Sanjana says we will manage Sanju and help him. Khiloni says I will get tamarind. Chedi says what a shame. Kashmira cries.

Liftman says lift is not working, you have to go by lift. Sanjana and liftman take pregnant Sanju by lift. Sanju gets Sanjana’s attention.

Update Credit to: Amena

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