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May I Come in Madam 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to Sanjana. Boss asks Sanju to wait, they are talking. Boss asks Sanjana why is she worried. She says Sanju came for some work, let us finish with work, we will talk at night. Boss says I m busy, Sanju can wait, tell me the matter. Sanjana says I have no friends here with whom I can share things, I feel lonely. Sanju gets an idea. Kashmira calls him and asks what are you doing. He jokes and says when you know I m in office, why are you asking. She says leave work, its urgent, I m thinking to give old clothes to get new pressure cooker. He asks is this urgent, good. She says don’t joke, shall I give your black tshirt, blue trackpant. He says give anything, give Bhupesh and mummy’s clothes too, sell the house. She asks him to get brinjal.

Sanju goes

to washroom and calls Sanjana by new number. He says I was ordering food and called this restaurant. She says its wrong number. He tells about Chinese food. She says I love Chinese food. He says I love you. She asks what. They have a talk. He says I m lonely, I eat Chinese food when I get sad. She laughs and says I don’t know why I m talking to you, but you look interesting guy. He says same to you, sometimes there are many people around and person feels to talk to stranger, do you mind talking to anyone. She says I don’t mind, I was thinking same. He asks her to share her things, how does she like Sajan. She asks what. He says I mean any lover.

He says no lover, but we have Mr. Sajan in our office, he is married, cute, talk anything else. He asks her to say. She says I miss some good friend. He says I m your good friend, you can talk to me anytime, promise. She says fine, done. He says I will call later. She thanks him and says my mood got fresh talking to you, see you my new friend. He ends call and smiles.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. He asks why do you look so happy. She asks do you want me to cry. He says no, I mean how did you get happy, there is some reason, right? She says behave… you are talking to boss, not sister in law. He says sorry, I felt like someone came, or any friend called you. She says bingo, a stranger friend called me, I felt like I met some lost childhood friend, if he comes infront of me now, I will hug him. He opens arms and says its me. She says you, come on. He says I called you. She says its you and laughs. He sings hello hello bolke….. and dances. His imagination ends and says sorry, my waist problem….

He asks what were you saying. She asks why do you want to know, do you come office to work or interfere is my personal matter, go and work now. He goes. Boss asks Sanjana about looking happy. She says I spoke to some stranger, it was nice. Sanju hears and asks Sanjana to praise the friend. Boss asks why are you interested in this matter, you hear boss’ conversation. He asks Sanju to do his work. Sanjana asks her dad to talk to stranger. Sanju asks what will boss talk. Sanjana says Papa will like it. Boss says what will I talk. Sanjana asks her dad to talk right now. Sanju runs from here as boss calls him. He asks Sanjana to go and work. Sanju runs to washroom and attends call.

Boss says I m Sanjana’s Papa, Sanjana was praising you. Sanju talks to him. Boss goes to washroom and tells about Sanju and his mum in law. Sanju asks him to go out from washroom and talk. Boss says I was Sanju is useless, but his mum in law is great, Sanju is black stain on work, but his mum in law is colorful, I want to share my heart talk. Sanju says don’t do this, else you will get beaten up. Boss says thanks for talking, I will romance Sanju’s mum in law. He ends call and asks is anyone inside washroom. Sanju says I m here. Boss asks were you talking to someone. Sanju says no, you were talking. Boss asks did you hear my conversation, is my voice coming there. Sanju goes not reply. Boss laughs and says he can’t hear me. He goes.

Its night, Sanju talks to Kashmira and flirts with her. She says she has much work and goes. He gets a call and goes to washroom to talk. Its Kashmira, and says my friend gave me your number, I want to become your phone friend. He murmurs madam is giving my number to everyone. She says I want to share things, I think my husband has some affair. He says no, he is a nice guy baby. She gets shocked realizing its Sanju.

Sanjana calls Kashmira about Sanju’ character and their relation. Kashmira says its fine, our relation is going normal. Sanjana says Sanju is behaving strange these days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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