May I Come in Madam 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju about his wet shirt. Lalwani says I think he is ashamed as he did not make presentation. Sanju says its made. Sanjana says your shirt is see through, why is it wet. Sanju says sorry, its Mandakani lipstick presentation and I got that Mandakani feel. Lalwani says you won my heart, I see Mandakani in you. Sanju says I will start presentation now. He plays a song and starts dancing as Mandakani. Lalwani enjoys, while Sanjana gets shocked. She laughs seeing Sanju dancing as heroine.

Lalwani says I had fun and laughs. Sanju says yes, a lot…. Sanju goes to his cabin and packs his bag. He thinks Lalwani made such lipstick to get me divorced, Kashmira’s Dadi will not leave me. Bhupesh comes and Sanju hides the mark. Bhupesh asks did anyone break

your heart, why did you keep hand there. Sanju says since your sister came in my life, my heart broke. Bhupesh asks him to come home. Sanju says you go home, I m not coming. Bhupesh asks why. Sanju says I m unwell, I will go to doctor. Bhupesh leaves.

Sanju calls his friend Khiloni and asks him to get ditto white shirt for him. He meets Khiloni and gets the shirt. He says you are my real friend. Khiloni says it costs 2000rs. Sanju says 1000rs is written on it. Khiloni says I worked hard to get it. Sanju calls him mean and wears the new shirt. He asks Khiloni to throw the old shirt and pays 1000rs. Khiloni asks him to give 1000rs later. Sanju leaves for home. He comes home and his mum in law taunts him. She says Sanju looks fine now. Sanju says I m better, do you know I should get admitted. His mum in law says Bhupesh said you got heart attack. Sanju says I said I have restlessness and Bhupesh added more. Bhupesh says how will I know. Sanju says my enemy should get heart attack. Bhupesh says mummy, he is telling this to you. Kashmira sends Bhupesh and mummy, so that she can talk to Sanju.

She asks Sajnu did he drink. Sanju says little, I met Khiloni, why are you annoyed. She says you told Bhupesh that you got heart attack. He says I just joked. She says if anything happened to me by this joke then.. He says your mummy should get heart attack first, I mean me…

She stops him from saying and sings hum tum….. Sanju flirts with her. Later, Sanjana calls Sanju. He gets shocked seeing her call and answers. She says the shirt on which I applied lipstick marks, get that shirt tomorrow. She ends call. Sanju gets worried and says whats this problem, I gave that shirt to Khiloni, why madam needs it. He calls Khiloni and says I m in big problem. Khiloni asks did Kashmira catch you red handed with madam. Sanju says stop nonsense, where is that shirt. Khiloni says I have thrown it. Sanju asks where, I need it, madam is asking for it. Khiloni asks why, will she stitch blouse of it. Sanju scolds him and says why do you care, what she makes out of it, just tell me where did you throw it. Khiloni says in neighbor’s house. Kashmira comes and says Sanju. Sanju starts acting like she is talking to his mummy and praises Kashmira. Khiloni says you changed tone seeing Kashmira.

Kashmira asks Sanju was he really talking to mum in law, why did he come out. Sanju says I did not wish to disturb you. She says I want Sasuma to come here and stay with us. He says it will be fights between our mothers, they hate each other, leave it, its better my mummy stays there. Kashmira says I m feeling sleepy and takes him. They sleep.

The neighboring couple Raj Kishore and Kanchan have a talk. Sanju gets up after Kashmira sleeps and goes to Kishore’s house wearing monkey cap. Kishore catches him and scolds him for eyeing Kanchan. He says I will see your face and pulls the monkey cap. He says Sajan you… Sanju says I did not come to steal your wife, my wife is ruining my life already. Sanju says I came to get my shirt. Kishore asks what is your shirt doing here, get lost, if you come like this, I will not leave you. Kanchan comes and greets Sajan. Kishore asks Kanchan to go inside, men are bad these days. Kanchan says good night Sajan ji and goes.

Sanju goes home silently and gets shocked seeing Dadi in Kashmira. She asks from where are you coming. Sanju climbs on the pole. Bhupesh asks Sanju whats happening. Sanju says Dadi, he has sent me out. Bhupesh sees Dadi and says what are you saying. Sanju pushes Bhupesh and runs to bathroom. He sits in his mother in law’s lap. She taunts him asking did he think he is mattress. Dadi beats Bhupesh a lot. Sanju asks her why did Dadi came late night. She says Dadi comes because of Sanju and beats Bhupesh. Bhupesh says leave me Dadi. Sanju says enough of Dadi’s drama, I can’t stay with two chudail. Dadi comes there and they get shocked.

Sajan comes office and talks to Sanjana. She asks is there his delivery, why is his holding his stomach. He says he has acidity. He suddenly falls on the chair and faints. She worries and says I think he needs mouth to mouth respiration.

Update Credit to: Amena

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