May I Come in Madam 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju doing makeup and becoming Shalu. Khiloni compliments him. Sanju scolds him. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call. She tells him that Shalu is amazing, I m glad, I m going to give her an interesting surprise. He asks what is it. She asks why are you excited, its for Shalu, not for you, you be on time in office. He says fine, I will be on time. He tells Khiloni that he is going to get big prize for his double role, it will be great. Khiloni says I have seen her surprises are dangerous.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house. Boss comes and flirts with Sanju. Sanjana comes and Sanju compliments her. Sanjana smiles. Boss says there is excitement with Shalu. Sanjana says we got pretty maid for the first time. She asks her dad to go. Boss goes.

Sanjana tells Shalu that

I m very tired today, I slept for 8 hours, come in my room, I have a surprise for you, you will like it. Sanju says I think my wish to give massage to madam will come true. Sanju goes to Sanjana and sees her. Sanjana asks Shalu to come, give me such body massage that makes me relax. Sanju gets shocked and closes eyes. His imagination ends. Sanjana asks why did you close eyes. Sanju says there was some dirt in my eyes. Sanjana asks her to sit, she has to talk. Sanjana says it happens that person needs someone in life. Sanju thinks Sanjana needs someone. Sanjana says I feel Papa needs a partner. Sanjana praises her dad. Sanju jokes on boss.

Sanjana says I feel my dad is not happy. Sanju says make him marry someone. Sanjana says I have found the girl, its you, I want you to marry him. Sanju gets shocked and thinks why does this happen with me. He goes. Sanjana says I think she got shy, how sweet.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira asks since when are you liking to roam like a woman. Sanju says I m not a woman. Kashmira asks why did you had women things. Sanju says I like to stay like a man. She asks why did you marry me and ruin my life. He says I just take woman’s getup, there is long story behind this, my mum had hope to get daughter, when I was born, she made me wear girl’s clothes, she asked me to wear women clothes when I miss her. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Dadi asks Sanju not to cry, I m with you. He says I don’t want you with me. She says if you are saying true, my sympathy is with you.

Its morning, boss waits for Sanju/Shalu. Sanjana asks her dad not to force Shalu and not behave like a kid. Sanjana says person becomes kid in love. Sanju comes. Sanjana asks Sanju will she like to become her mumma. Sanju gets shocked. Boss gets glad. Sanju scolds boss. Khiloni comes there in disguise and says Shalu is my wife, you are misbehaving with her. Boss says Shalu I will die, don’t go. Sanju and Khiloni scold boss and leave. Sanjana asks her dad to let the emotions go.

Sanju comes home and sees mummy. He says my dad got spoiled and taunts mummy. She gets angry. Bhupesh comes and hugs Sanju, calling him Jiji. Sanju says what nonsense. Mummy says he is calling you jiji, you are a woman. Sanju asks did her eyes got damaged. Mummy says ask yourself, you are man or woman. Sanju says I know I m a man. Kashmira comes there dressed as a man. Sanju gets shocked. Kashmira says you are a woman Sajni, I m a man. Sanju asks are you mad Kashmira. Kashmira says I have to do this to take our family ahead. Sanju gets shocked.

Later, Sanju meets Khiloni. They drink. Sanju says I m done, I will leave. Khiloni says party just started, sit. Sanju asks whats the happiness, share it. Khiloni says you are my brother, I will share it. Khiloni shows the hypnosis book and says I can control anyone’s mind and thinking. Sanju says someone fooled you. Khiloni says I fooled the house owner and hypnotized him, I m staying there without paying any rent. Sanju thinks I can use this and hypnotize madam.

Sanjana runs to Sanju and hugs him. boss gets angry. Sanjana asks her dad to go by stairs. She makes lift guard leave and goes in the lift with Sanju. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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