May I Come in Madam 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju trying to clean black color off his face. Khiloni asks why did you go with madam, she always cheats you. Sanju says I did not know she will cheat me. Khiloni says you have no sense. Sanju slaps him and asks him to give idea to remove the color. Khiloni gets chemical. Sanju asks what’s this. Sanjana calls Sanju. Sanju answers the call. She apologizes. He says my face got blackened. She says I got scared seeing them, sorry. He asks how will I go in front of Kashmira with this black color. She says wash your face and go. He says I tried everything, color is not going off. She says come up with an excuse, handle it, I m sorry. He says its okay. She ends call.

Sanju says she was apologizing, it was not her mistake. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks where are

you. He says office, I came out with madam. She says we were going out. He says I m coming.

Chedi and mummy come far. Chedi says I don’t want to look jamun on valentines’ day, some people are blackening lovers’ faces. She says its lonely place, I m scared you can romance with me. Chedi asks are you getting scared or inviting me. He sings Bade ache lagte hai…..She smiles.

Khiloni says Sanju, relax, cool down. Sanju slaps him and says is this a joke, I m worried. Khiloni says I have an idea, don’t worry, wear helmet and go home. He asks what will I say if she asks me. Khiloni says make some excuse, go. Sanju calls him mean. Khiloni says I m looking fair. Sanju looks at him.

Chedi and Ramwati/mummy romance. The men come there and blacken Chedi’s face. The men scold Chedi and asks did you come to celebrate valentines day. Chedi says no, we lost way. They say we did this with one more man, he will not forget it. Chedi says we are going, will this get washed off. Chedi and mummy run.

Kashmira says let Sanju come, I will see him. Bhupesh says he is fooling you. Sanju comes home wearing helmet. Kashmira asks why did you wear helmet. Bhupesh says I think Sanju blackened his face somewhere. Sanju says yes and removes helmet. He blackens their faces also and laughs aloud. Kashmira asks are you mad. His imagination ends.

Mummy says ask him from whom is he hiding his face. Sanju says your mummy does not let me say, I got late and got friend’s bike, we shall go out. She asks him to have dinner. He says no, we will have food out. She asks him to remove helmet. He says I left bike start outside, come fast. Bhupesh plays news. They see the men blackening Sanju’s face.

Sanju asks Bhupesh to change channel and covers up the tv screen. Mummy asks him to move. Bhupesh says I will remove your helmet. Sanju scolds him and removes tv plug. He asks Kashmira to come. They leave. Bhupesh asks how did tv get off.

Sanju and Kashmira come for dinner. She says I don’t understand anything. He asks her to check food rate. She asks him to remove helmet, everyone is staring at you, you are looking mad, its not looking good. He says I m following traffic police rules. She insists. The men come there for dinner and talk of blackening Sanju’s face. Sanju sees them.

Sanjana asks Chedi when did you come, the men did wrong about Sanju. Chedi says don’t leave them, they have blackened my face too. He shows his face. She says Sanju got stuck because of me, how did you get trapped. He says a lady was asking me address, the men got mistaken and blackened my face. She says this is crazy, I will file case, I called an advocate. The lawyer comes and greets them. Even the lawyer’s face is blackened.

Sanju says let it be. Kashmira says its enough now. Sanju acts and says helmet got stuck. She shouts. The men ask what happened, is there any problem. She says no, help my husband, helmet got stuck. The men say sure. Sanju says no, I will go home and remove it. Kashmira says remove it. The men remove the helmet, while Sanju asks them not to remove it. Kashmira gets shocked seeing Sanju’s blackened face. The men recognize him. Kashmira asks Sanju what happened to him. Sanjana says even lawyer’s face is blackened. Lawyer says yes, they have applied this color on law’s face too, I could not do anything, they applied this last year and I came out of home today. Chedi says it means law was sleeping. Lawyer says no, law was thinking, I will make them run away. Sanjana says I want them behind bars, they have beaten Sanju and Chedi. Lawyer says I know the pain, I still have backache, don’t worry, we will teach them a case, are you single or engaged, you have coffee with me, we can understand each other. She asks him to go and concentrate on this case. Lawyer goes.

Men say Sanju is clever, he was with someone else in morning. Kashmira asks what are you saying. Sanju says I m not that. The man asks who applied this paint. Sanju says Chedi was applying paint in office, it fell over my face. He makes a story. She stares at him. Sanju says we will leave, come.

Sanju sees Sanjana and gets shocked. Haule Haule…….plays…………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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