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May I Come in Madam 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chedi getting Sanju to cabin and sitting with him. He asks Sanju to thank him. Sanju says I can run my wheelchair, why thanks. Chedi says I have guilt that I have beaten you, I want to do something for you. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He scolds Sanju. Sanju says sorry, Chedi has beaten me a lot. Chedi says don’t worry, I will tell him. Chedi goes. Sanju sees his wounded leg and cries cursing Chedi.

Kashmira serves food to mumma. Sanju asks for some food. She says I m making special soup for you. Mummy smiles. Kashmira gets soup for him. He does not like it. She feeds him. He screams and coughs. He says its too spicy. She says I added much spice. He asks are you mad. She asks him to get up and take water. He thinks to just sit

else they will know the drama. He asks for water. She says we can do anything to make you stand. She feeds him more soup. He asks her not to do this and give water. She says get up and drink water. He says I can’t get up.

Sanju goes and meets Khiloni. Khiloni massages his legs and says this was my idea of wheelchair. You got beaten up, so I had to do this. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni apologizes. He gets glass holder to help Sanju. Sanju praises him by taunting on his bad looks. Sanju asks is Kashmira in kitchen. Khiloni says no. Sanju says I will stand for some time. He tries to get up.

Sanju asks what was that glue, I m unable to get up. Chedi sees them drinking and throws fake snake on Sanju. Khiloni says its snake, run. Sanju says I m not able to run. Khiloni runs. Sanju asks someone to help. Chedi asks him to run. Sanju asks him to come and help, he can’t wait. Chedi comes and says don’t get scared, its fake snake,I have thrown this so that you run, but it did not affect. Sanju says it affected my heart, don’t do this. Chedi says next should be more shocking, maybe it will affect.

Its morning, Sanju goes office on wheelchair. Sanjana comes. He greets her. He says you don’t care for me, I may have to leave job if I can’t stand on my feet. She says no, I have a last option, why are you thinking negative, I can make your legs fine. He asks what is it. She does not say. Bhupesh argues with Sanju and does not trust him. Sanju says madam got doctor, do you trust doctor. Bhupesh says I can’t trust you, its my habit to doubt on you. Sanju scolds him.

He imagines to go and kick Bhupesh. He says if I was fine, I would have kicked you. Bhupesh gets glad. Sanjana sees Sanju getting attention on wheelchair and says I m not fool, I was seeing you enjoying, why do you want someone else’s attention, I get insecure, you can just enjoy with me. He says fine I will be careful. She says fine, we will meet in my cabin. He says Chedi has thrown fake snake on me. She says yes, its my mistake, I told him, you will get fine today. He says I doubt. She says I will see you, you will definitely walk. He gets glad that madam is possessive about him.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s cabin. Sanjana dances on I love you song. Sanju gets shocked. He gets up and goes to Sanjana. Chedi says great, you are dancing. Sanju says my legs got fine, I can walk. He jumps. Chedi says calm down, you just got fine, Sanjana did great. Sanjana says its my old way. Chedi says now we will call media and make him walk on rope. Sanju says whats hurry, let my legs get strong. Chedi says rope should be strong. Sanjana says he will not walk on rope, our rivals have done this before us. Sanju says I wished I could walk on rope. She says I have public stunt in it, arrange coal, Sanju will walk on burning coal. He worries.

Sanjana says my friend’s party has theme party, the theme is wild animal, you have to attend it with me, to which animal do you relate more. Sanju imagines himself as wild bull.

Update Credit to: Amena

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