May I Come in Madam 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to Sanjana. She asks why did he not come on his own, he had to come with ad film idea, I hate this casual attitude. He says I was busy on phone calls, I called caterers and ordered food, I m sure everyone will like it. She says you are testing my patience, I told you to call the model, I asked you to take his details and book his air ticket, have you done that. He gets silent. She asks should I take this as a no, don’t tell me you forgot. He nods and says this model is costly for you, we should not waste money on model. She asks is there any cheap option. He says yes. She says I m sure you are talking about yourself.

He asks wow, how do you know. She says I thought to cast you in cheap ad, but client said he wants handsome and well built model

which…. He says which I m not, I can feel bad, but you are boss and can say anything. She says I like you, you are cute, but not for world. He asks shall I get happy or annoyed. She says look at you, look at you, you eat a lot. He says Kashmira makes oily food. She says don’t blame Kashmira, every wife makes such food for husband, you don’t workout, you wait for lift and do not come by stairs, go and make sure model comes on time.

At night, Sanju drinks with Khiloni. He says everyone went on shopping. He asks Khiloni his age. Khiloni says 34 years and shows id. Sanju says you look 40 year old, we are not fit now. Sanju scolds Khiloni. Sanju says this little stomach, I have to do something, madam has taunted so badly. Khiloni asks him to do running and join gym. Sanju says I won’t go gym. Khiloni tells about medicine to tone down body fat. Sanju says you are magical Baba, you have all solution. She drinks medicine bottle and says I will get slim. Khiloni says its strong, you should have asked me, you should have added this to water, this has side effects, people get blind by overdose. Sanju’s vision gets blurred. He says Khiloni, I can’t see it, what did you make me drink. Khiloni says now you will see after some days, I m going, sit at home. He goes.

Sanju goes home and rests. Kashmira comes to him. Sanju can’t see her. She asks how do I look. He says don’t know, did you wear anything special. She asks him to see. He says why did you take similar dress, I gave you black saree on last birthday. She asks did you get drunk, this is pink dress. He thinks I should say I got overdrunk. He says I can’t see well, I had drunk a lot, I m feeling sleepy, shall I sleep. Kashmira gets angry and asks him to get out. She goes.

He says sometimes her mood gets good and Lord has taken my eyesight today. Boss comes home late and is drunk. Bua welcomes home and asks how much did you drink. Boss says 7-8 drinks, sorry. Bua asks what will Sanjana learn from you. He says I don’t let Sanjana do this. She asks where is Sanjana. He says she will be in room. Sanjana comes home drunk. Bua gets angry and says we will dinner at same table and sleep, I will beat you. Bua goes. Sanjana asks boss to manage Bua. He says no one can manage her, she is an alien.

Its morning, Sanju comes to office and collides with a man. He is not able to see. He goes to the lift. Sanjana comes and looks at him. She asks will you not wish me good morning. He says when did you come, sorry I did not see you. She asks him not to lie. He says I m saying true, my focus was somewhere else. She says I commented on your weight and you are showing me attitude. He says nothing like that. She says you are guilty and not meeting eyes, you are insulting me, you are such a male chauvinist. She goes. He says I m saying true madam, did lift come. He gets inside wrong gift.

Liftman gets Sanju to cabin. Sanju says sorry, I got in wrong lift today. Liftman goes. Peon comes and asks what did you tell madam, she is very upset. Sanju says she scolded me, I did not say anything. Peon says she said her mood is upset because of you, I will manage madam, get tea. Peon says you won’t get tea, first sort this matter. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. Sanju does not see and scolds him more. Peon says I have worn specs and become boss. Sanju says sorry.

Sanju says everyone is getting annoyed with me. Boss says you are annoying everyone, go and apologize to Sanjana immediately. He goes. Sanju says fine, I will go, but how will I reach madam cabin, I can’t see anything. Bhupesh comes and asks what happened, boss was angry. Sanju says I will give 100rs, drop me to madam’s cabin. Bhupesh says you can go on own. Sanju says I m feeling weak. Bhupesh take him.

Sanjana and Bhupesh ask Sanju to come down. Sanju slips from terrace and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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