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May I Come in Madam 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Chedi not to worry. Chedi laughs and says if Sanjana is like me, I would be glad. Sanju says hurrying is not good, maybe madam is in tension. Chedi says she has gone out of hand. Sanjana calls Sanju. He asks is your mood good. She says yes, why are you asking this. She drinks wine. He says Chedi said you are behaving strange. She asks do you think the same. He says I can say that.

He asks what is her tension. She says I have doubt on Chedi, I want you to kill him. Sanju says he is your dad, how can you say this. She says don’t know what happened to me, and holds him. He asks why is she doing this. She shows his wallet and says its me, your Rasili. He says what are you doing here, I met your madam and got to know why you called me madam, I took

her clothes and came here. He asks where is madam. She says I kidnapped madam. He gets shocked. She says I will become rich like your madam, then we will marry.

He says what is madam’s mistake. She says she is rich and looks like me. Chedi comes and sees wine. He says clients came for meeting. She says make them sit, give wine, we will come, go. Sanju signs Chedi to go.

Kashmira looks for spider and says its very high. Sanju comes home. He says call Dadi, I need her. Bhupesh asks why, she will beat us. Sanju asks Kashmira to call Dadi, madam got kidnapped. They get shocked. Kashmira asks who kidnapped madam. Sanju says Rasili did this, he is madam’s lookalike, she wants to take madam’s place. She asks how do you know this. He says Rasili told me, she will take property and run away with me. She asks why did Rasili tell this. He says you get time to say this in such situation, he told me to run away, call Dadi or police.

Sanjana comes to meet Sanju. Sanju says its Rasili. Sanjana asks Kashmira to get warm water for her. Sanju asks Rasili where did she hide madam. Rasili says I will say, but marry me. He says I will give you money, don’t do anything to madam. She says I want you. He says I will not run away, my family will break, understand. She asks him to become man.

She asks him to come and stay with her. He says you did not leave any option, if you do anything to madam, I will dig well and jump in it. She says fine, come with me, I have to show something. He goes. She takes him to the godown. Sanju gets shocked seeing mummy and Bhupesh’s lookalikes. Sanju does not understand what is happening. Kashmira comes singing as a dancer. Sanju asks Kashmira what is she doing here. He faints seeing them.

Chedi comes and asks where is Sanju. Bhupesh says he fainted. Sanjana says he fainted seeing fake gun. She says Sanju won’t say there are no lookalikes in world. Kashmira says we all fooled Sanju. Sanju’s lookalike comes there, and they all get shocked seeing him. Golmaal hai……plays…………..

Its morning, Sanju is at office and asks Chedi to get tea. Chedi says sorry, milk ended. Sanju asks why did you come to ask then. Chedi says I came to get idea. Sanju scolds him. Chedi goes. Sanjana comes there. She asks him to keep jingle ready. He says no problem, it will be ready. She says really, thanks, I want to hug you. She hugs him.

His imagination ends. She asks what happened. He says come and hug if you want. She says my mind is in tension, designer went on leave. She says she will not give leave to Sanju. He says fine. She says how to get employee in short time. He asks her to look around. He says I m here. She asks can you handle that work. He says I won’t. She laughs and thanks him. She says Lalwani is coming, come for presentation. She goes. He says what was the need to become hero, madam did not hug me.

Sanju imagines Sanjana dancing and making him sit on her chair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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