May I Come in Madam 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana. He greets her. She says you look a shopping mall today. He says person should be according to his standards, I m liking this goggles, I find everything colorful. He compliments her. She says but you deserve compliment now. Sanju imagines girls kidnapping him. She gets busy. He says I want some increment. She says of course, you pass time in office, let’s decide an amount for you. He says I m fine with 30000rs. She says your madness is increasing, why do you do this if you can’t afford this. She says it suits me. She says how cute, you did not see your face won’t change after wearing branded clothes, you leave these things for rich, you are not royal, what’s worse, you want me to sponsor this, please get out right now. He leaves.


night, Khiloni says you look stylish Sanju, from whom did you get this. Sanju says its branded clothes, you can’t understand this, make a peg.

They argue. Khiloni says you drink on my expenses and teaching me. Sanju asks who are you to tell me, atleast my face looks royal, you look a beggar. Khiloni says you took 10000rs loan, return it now. Sanju says you cry for money, I knew this, I will throw money on your face some day. Khiloni asks him to throw now itself. He asks Sanju to run away. He goes. Sanju says everyone is getting angry seeing branded things, I will not show this to Kashmira. He goes home. He asks mummy to eat less. He taunts her. Kashmira asks why do you get after mummy always. Sanju argues with him. Mummy jokes on him and asks what’s his province name. Kashmira laughs. She asks Sanju not to argue with mummy, else Dadi will come. He goes. They laugh.

Its morning, Sanjana asks Lalwani about his product. Lalwani says its an app which will tell your past. Sanju says what’s police record them. Chedi says like you are a cheap man, you don’t need app. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles. Sanju says sorry. Sanjana asks Lalwani to say in detail. Lalwani says it shows family history, it will be known who is king and who is beggar.

Sanjana says this is really interesting, we will test this with Sanju. Sanju says why not, you can try. He tells his dad’s name. Sanjana fills in the details. She gets shocked and says unbelievable, I don’t think so, your ancestors are from royal family, it means you are a prince. Sanju gets glad. Sanjana says Lalwani, Sanju is a prince. Sanju starts showing tantrums.

Sanju comes home. Mummy takes his bag and greets. Kashmira says my prince charming has come, Sanjana told me. Mummy says I knew he belongs to some royal family. Sanju taunts her. He asks Kashmira to let him think of having children with her or not, become suitable for me. He asks her to make something good in food.

Mummy says you have become king recently. Sanju scares her. Khiloni comes. Sanju asks who is that nonsense. Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni apologizes to him. Sanju refuses to talk to him. He tells I belong to royal family. He asks Khiloni to get lost. He sits and drinks alone. He comes home drunk. He asks her to make food. She asks him to leave it if he is not hungry. He asks her to dance for him. She says I m your wife, not any dancer. He asks her to call her mum. She shouts and says I make you dance on my fingers. He says change your habit, I m a king, I can get another wife.

Sanju and Sanjana are in lift. Raja ko rani se…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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