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May I Come in Madam 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju opening his eyes and seeing Sanjana. He gets shocked. Sanjana does makeup and says I was changing my lipstick, when I lipstick gets less from my lips, I feel I m not wearing anything, do you like the shade. He nods. Sanjana goes to him and applies the lipstick. She takes selfie with him. He comes out of his imagination. She asks what are you looking at, get back to work, send coffee for me, hurry up.

Kashmira sees the show Har Dard Kamina Hota Hai. The anchor Kamini Devi tells about the subject today, lipstick, check husband’s shirt, if it has lipstick mark, don’t ignore it, it means something is fishy. Sanju takes bath and asks Kashmira to give him towel. He imagines Sanjana giving him the towel. He says madam you… Sanjana flirts with him. His fantasy

ends. Kashmira checks his shirts for lipstick marks. He asks what is she finding in his shirts. She says stains, I mean I was choosing the shirt for you. He says I m waiting here, choose fast. She gives him white shirt, thinking lipstick stain won’t go easily from this. He says if you chose this white shirt, make me wear it. She smiles. Pehla pehla pyaar hai………….plays………. He kisses her. She makes him wear the shirt and asks about his college girlfriends. He says leave it, can’t you ask straight, whether I have affair with them, go and serve breakfast, I don’t get anything except blames.

He goes office with Bhupesh. Bhupesh says lift came. Sanju says I have to call client, lift won’t have network, you go. Bhupesh asks him to come soon, and goes in lift. Sanju waits for Sanjana to go in lift with her. Sanjana walks in there in short mini dress. Gulabo…………plays…………… Sanju gets shocked seeing her and greets her good morning. The lift comes. They enter the lift. She says nice shirt, whats in tiffin today. She says she likes ladiesfinger, and he thinks to get it daily. She asks how do you know I like it. He says my heart said. She asks him to have lunch with her today. He says sure. Lift guard plays a song Tere chehre/beep me wo jadoo hai…………

Sanju stares at Sanjana. Sanju asks guard to get radio repaired, its embarrassing. Sanju goes to his cabin. Bhupesh finishes the ladiesfinger. Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Bhupesh says I m seeing you are keeping much care of Sanjana, whats the matter. Sanju says she is my boss, I m her employee. Bhupesh says I will tell Kashmira. Peon comes and asks what should I get. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears googles and turns into boss. Sanju greets him with respect. Peon/Boss asks Sanju why was he scolding Bhupesh. Sanju calls out peon to make his boss turn into peon again. Sanju and Bhupesh kiss and end the fight.

Peon gives tea to client. Client asks him to get coffee. Peon wears google and client gives him respect. Peon/boss tells Sanjana about Lalwani, who is their vip client. He leaves. Sanjana asks Lalwani why did he name lipsticks as Mandakani. Lalwani says I m big fan of Mandakani.

Sanju joins the meeting and talks to Lalwani in sindhi. Sanjana asks are you sindhi. Sanju says no. Sanjana says then calm down. Lalwani says my lipstick is very shameless. She asks what. Lalwani says this got on my shirt by mistake, my wife left me and this lipstick did not leave me. Sanju says we got tagline for this. Sanjana likes the tagline and his shirt. She says I have amazing concept, a husband whose wife is always doubting him, he works in such office, where boss is very hot. Sanju looks at her. She says one day that boss will apply lipstick mark on his shirt. She calls him close and applies lipstick mark on his shirt. She says that husband tries to clear that mark, his wife sees that mark and gives him divorce. Sanju thinks if Kashmira sees this, my divorce will happen. He says brilliant, what mind you have madam. Sanjana asks him to work on this presentation.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira asks him about the stain. He gets speechless. Kashmira dances and shoots him down. Sanju screams. He falls in office and comes out of his thoughts. He worries that if Kashmira sees me with this lipstick mark, she will really shoot me. He tries to get rid of that mark. Peon comes there in washroom and says Sanjana is calling you, what are you doing. Sanju says my clothes got stain, you go from here. Lalwani waits for Sanju. Sanjana calls and asks for Sanju.

Peon asks Sanju to come out fast, Sanjana’s patience is breaking. Sanju scolds him. Sanju comes to cabin with washed shirt.

Sanju asks his friend to get white shirt for him. He wears new shirt and asks his friend to throw his shirt. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to get that lipstick mark shirt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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