May I Come in Madam 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanju to wash utensils. Sanju says I don’t think I did this work. She says you used to work here after office hours. Bhupesh gets his clothes and says wash my clothes too. Kashmira asks him to wash utensils and maybe he can get his memory. Later, Sanju goes to his room and hugs Kashmira. Kashmira and Bhupesh scold Sanju. Sanju says this is my room, so I came here. Bhupesh says you remember room and not anything else, you are a cheap man. Sanju says leave me and scolds Bhupesh. Bhupesh says you are servant, talk with manners.

He asks Sanju to go out and sleep. Sanju says this is cheating, I did not used to sleep there. Bhupesh says get out and pushes him. He scolds Sanju. Sanju goes. Kashmira says poor Sanju has to bear all this. Bhupesh says we

can lose Sanju or get him. Kashmira scolds Bhupesh for taking revenge from Sanju. Sanju goes out and says I will not leave Bhupesh.

Its morning, Kashmira tells Sanjana that Sanju’s memory did not come back till now. Sanjana says anyone would have got memory by such insult. Kashmira says it means his memory won’t come back. Sanjana says I m his GF now, I m pure and I m not involved in this, we have to do something that creates fear in his mind. Kashmira says he is afraid to give me his mobile password. Sanjana says no, his memory went, how will he remember password. Kashmira says he is afraid of Dadi, she comes when she gets angry. Sanjana says I have one way to make Dadi angry, if you permit, hide here and I will romance with Sanju to get his memory back. Sanjana sings Payal meri……….. and dances with Sanju. Kashmira looks on and gets angry. Dadi comes there. Sanju gets shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi asks did you identify me. Sanju nods and says no. Dadi says how will you remember me if you forgot Kashmira, you are enjoying with Sanjana here, come, I will make you recall everything. Dadi takes Sanju and beats him. Sanjana waits.

Sanju shouts enough and asks are you not ashamed to beat me, I will jump from balcony. Dadi says stop, I don’t want to make Kashmira’s husband die. Its night, Sanju says I won’t leave Bhupesh. Sanjana calls Sanju and sys its such a good weather, you are leaving me alone, come home. She says now. He says I m coming. He gets glad.

He goes to meet Sanjana. She asks what clothes are you wearing. He says that family is making me work as servant, but I feel…. She says you are a servant, you look good. He asks did you miss me. She says no. He says I m getting headache. She says fine, I was missing you. He says I always think of you, I dream to marry you. She says then I have dreamt that you got hurt by the arrow. She laughs. She asks can you massage, there is back pain. He says sure. He imagines Sanjana sitting over him. She takes him to bedroom and tells her dad that Sanju will give you perfect massage. Boss asks him to start. Sanju worries.

Its morning, boss, Sanjana and everyone get some shockers machines for Sanju. Sanju gets shocked seeing that. Bhupesh says patient has come. Sanju asks whats this. Sanjana says you will have some pain to get memory back. Sanju gets scared. Bhupesh and Kashmira ask him not to worry. Sanju asks them to move all this. Kashmira worries for Sanju, and asks doctor to do anything. Doctor says let that happen, we will give him shock. Sanju acts to faint. Kashmira worries. Bhupesh says let Sanju sleep, he won’t scream while he gets shock. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh. Sanju gets up and says Kashmira, baby, madam you all here. Sanjana says you got saved without doing anything. Doctor says memory can go again. Sanju says no, memory can come back. Bhupesh says problem needs to get cut from root. Doctor says hold him for the treatment. Sanjana says just do it Sanju. Mummy asks whats the need to get shock. Sanju says no, don’t do this doctor. He runs away and says my memory did not go away, I was acting to lose memory. They all look on shocked.

Sanjana asks what do you mean. Sanju says I forgot my anniversary, so I did this drama being helpless. Kashmira says you played big game with us. He says I played small game and it went big. Sanjana says shut up, this is so disgusting. He says sorry. Dadi comes to punish Sanju and says I will give shock to Sanju. She beats Sanaju.

Sanjana says I miss my dog Balma. Sanju leaves. She asks will you become my Balma. He asks how. She asks him to become dog. He thinks he won’t get better chance to get madam’s love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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