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May I Come in Madam 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khiloni trying to wake up Sanju. He goes to Kashmira. He says everything got finished. Kashmira says I will get snacks. Khiloni says no, your Sanju died. Mummy asks what happened, tell clearly. Khiloni says I was drinking wine, Sanju was walking on railing, he fell down and his head stuck stone. Kashmira gets shocked. They laugh that Sanju died. They dance. Sanju wakes up by this bad dream. Sanju says i have seen bad dream, I fell and died, you were dancing. Kashmira asks him to say good. Sanjana calls him. She asks why is she calling at night. He says I will know when I answer.

Sanjana asks am I disturbing you. He says no, there are many disturbances here, I can’t wait to see you walking on your rope. He says even I m excited and unable to sleep. She says

I m curious, you will be walking on 15th floor. He says I hope so. She asks him to sleep. Sanju asks Kashmira not to doubt, he was talking of work. She gets angry. He makes stories and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Sanjana asks Chedi are all arrangements done. He says yes, rope is tough. Sanju comes on wheelchair with Khiloni. He tells about his accident. Sanjana asks when did this happen. Khiloni tells the story that Sanju lost his legs by getting under bus. Chedi asks what happened there. Sanju says my legs got numb, I became handicapped, I can’t walk now. Sanjana says I don’t know what to say. Sanju says I can’t walk now. Chedi gets hurt by wheelchair getting on his foot. Sanju says I used to wait here for Sanjana, see I m waiting by sitting here. Sanjana asks Khiloni to take Sanju upstairs by lift. Khiloni says yes, I will take him up.

Chedi does not believe Sanju’s accident. She says how can this happen. He says Sanju is acting as he is scared if walking on rope. She says I will take his test, if he is really injured then….

Sanjana takes Sanju and says I called media too. He says I was not doing this for media, I wanted to show my talent to you. She thinks she will know his legs are numb or not and pushes him down stairs. She asks him to get up, sorry, do something. Sanju looks at her. He falls down. She says he did not jump, sorry. Chedi comes and asks Sanju to get up. Sanju scolds him.

Sanjana goes to him. Sanju says you purposely pushed me, you felt I made excuse to get saved from rope walking, no I m not liar and coward. She says sorry. He says its fine, I gave agnipariksha today. She asks Chedi to help Sanju and goes. Chedi helps Sanju.

Sanju comes home on wheelchair. Sanjana and Chedi get him and tell Kashmira that Sanju met with an accident, his legs got under the bus. Kashmira gets shocked and says Sanju should have called me. Mummy asks what happened. Chedi tells her sweetly.

Sanjana says calm down, I called doctor, Sanju will get fine. Doctor checks Sanju by hurting his legs, and asking any sensation. He tickles and checks. Sanju says no sensation. Doctor asks why did your bones not break by accident. Sanjana says I was also thinking the same. Sanju says its possible, bus was in hurry and left. Doctor says don’t worry. Chedi asks the treatment. Doctor asks them to come. Mummy says I think Sanju is playing game.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana says sorry, you are facing all these problems. He acts positive. Chedi comes and beats Sanju’s leg. Sanju says I did not feel anything. Sanjana asks Chedi to beat with force. She asks Sanju is he feeling anything. Sanju says no. Chedi beats Sanju a lot. Sanju bears all the beatings. He imagines Sanjana dancing and cheering for him. Sanjana asks whats wrong with you. He says nothing, I want to get fine soon, I was asking Chedi to beat with force. Sanjana says Sanju wants to get fine, just beat him. Chedi beats him more.

Chedi throws fake snake on Sanju. Khiloni asks Sanju to run. Sanju says I can’t run, save me. Khiloni runs. Sanju asks someone to save him. Chedi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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