May I Come in Madam 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana getting Bhupesh somewhere. She makes him keep a dummy in his place. He says Sanju will doubt, he is very clever. She says he is in guilt and worry, he will not see. Bhupesh goes. Sanju comes and says I m scared, if Kashmira knows, she will bury me along Bhupesh. She says who will come here at night. He says don’t know. She asks him to take Bhupesh out. He lifts the sack and finds it light. She says come. They go to backyard. He says I feel body is very light. She fools him about biology, soul leaves body and body gets light. He says but soul does not have weight. She asks him not to argue and do the work.

Sanju kisses the sack and apologizes to Bhupesh for the sin. He digs soil. Dadi comes and Sanjana runs away. Sanju gets shocked seeing Dadi. He says

you here at night. She slaps him and says where does spirits come then, I had to come here, what are you doing here. He says I was just…. She asks him to say what is he doing. He says I m planting a sapling and lies to her. She goes.

Sanjana comes back and asks him to carry on. Sanju cries and keeps a plant there. Sanjana smiles. She goes home and tells boss that Bhupesh and I played a prank on Sanju. She tells everything. She says we are just joking, if Sanju gets a lesson, whats bad in this. Boss says I heard Bhupesh is marrying, I want to know this from Bhupesh’s mummy, she wants Bhupesh to get married.

Its morning, Sanju tells Kashmira that Bhupesh can’t come now, he can’t leave work, what shall I do by worrying, I thought a lot and felt bad. Mummy says if you talk like this, I will stab him. He reads news of Jija killing his brother in law. He says whats this nonsense news. Kashmira says it will be problem if Bhupesh does not come, girl’s family is coming to see him. Sanju says don’t give false hope, refuse to them. He thinks how to tell them that none can see Bhupesh now. Khiloni calls him. Sanju asks Bhupesh where is he. Khiloni says its me, whats this drama. Sanju says Kashmira and mummy are worrying for you, I can’t hear you, when will you come, eat food on time, take care. He ends call.

Khiloni says I think Sanju planned something. Kashmira says you did not let me talk. Sanju says phone got disconnected, he is alive. Mummy asks Sanju to talk to Bhupesh well.

Sanju thinks I will talk to Bhupesh in backyard every day. He goes to backyard and cries. Bhupesh smiles seeing him and hides behind tree. Bhupesh talks to Sanju and says I m in this sapling. Sanju apologizes and says I did not stab you intentionally. Bhupesh says you mean knife jumped on me. Sanju says I did big mistake, tell me what to do. Bhupesh asks for some water. Sanju waters the plant. He says now you will give guest appearance in my life like Dadi right. Bhupesh says I will not leave you all my life. Sanju says don’t say this. Kashmira comes there and asks Sanju what is he doing here.

Sanju asks when did you come. She asks what were you talking. He says Bhupesh gave me this plant to surprise you. She says you love Bhupesh these days. He thinks I wish I got love on him that time. Kishore comes there and says I will cut this plant, I have to feed goat. Sanju says no, this plant is valuable to me. He scolds Kishore. Kashmira says he is our neighbor, give him some leaves. Sanju refuses. Kishore says move, let me cut the plant. Sanju says you go and give dal rice to goat. Kishore asks Kashmira to teach manners to Sanju. She scolds Sanju and goes. Sanju says don’t worry Bhupesh, I won’t let anyone cut your leaf, you are imp part of my life and hugs plant. Bhupesh says leave me, I can’t breath. He goes. Sanju cries and asks did you sleep.

Sanjana says I will go to police. Sanju says I will go jail, why will you go, handcuffs won’t suit you. She says fine, then you go instead me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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