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May I Come in Madam 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming to Sanju’s house. Kashmira asks is everything fine. Sanjana says I need to talk something imp. Mummy and Bhupesh try to hear. Sanjana says I don’t want to marry that guy, I said yes for Bua. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju. Sanjana says I want to be single. Mummy says our thoughts match. Sanjana asks Kashmira to help her out of this situation. Kashmira asks what can I do. Sanjana says make them leave first. Bhupesh says we will leave snake in their room. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh and asks how can I throw them out. mummy thinks this is right time to win Bua’s heart, if I tell her, maybe she will get happy and fix my and Chedi ji’s marriage. She smiles and says I will go and have fresh air. She goes and calls Bua.

Mummy says I m Kashmira’s mummy,

I miss Chedi ji everyday, you are his sister, I want to say, Sanjana wants to break marriage, she has come here to take Kashmira’s help. Bua says how can Sanjana do this. Mummy says I did my duty, you do something for me. Bua gets angry. Kashmira says Sanjana, Bua will scold me if she knows this. Sanjana says we have no way. Bhupesh says I have good idea, have any affair, run away with a guy, you will get defamed and no guy will get proposal for you. Sanju comes and asks who are these people sitting as beggars. Kashmira says they are Sanjana’s inlaws. Sanju says kick them out, its wrong, how can you get them here. Kashmira says don’t feel bad. Khiloni says we are happy, kick us out. Kashmira apologizes. Sanju beats Khiloni and calls him Khiloni. Kashmira asks what did you say, you said Khiloni. Sanju says no, did you think our house is Khilona.

Kashmira says he is old, have some shame. Sanju beats Khiloni more. Bua comes and says they won’t stay here. Sanju gets scared. Bua says I know everything, Sanjana is seeing guests insult, Kashmira you are mature and do such things. She asks Khiloni to come with them, where is our son in law. Sanju says I will go and have a bath, I will send him.

Kishore looks for Kanchan and drinks. He sings tu kahan………..Sanju gets in disguise and is in tension. Khiloni asks him to think something. Kishore calls Kanchan. She says I will talk to him once, if he doubts on my purity, my marriage will fall in Agnipariksha. Sanju asks them not to answer calls. Kishore asks Kashmira about Kanchan. She scolds him for getting drunk. She calls Sanju and asks where did you go. He says I m in office, I went by window. She asks why. He says it was urgent, I was standing near window, I could not waste time by going by door, what I the work, why did you call. She says Kishore is madly finding Kanchan, are you involved. He says I can’t manage my own wife, will I get mad doing this, I have work, don’t disturb me. Sanju asks Kanchan to explain Kishore that I m not interested in you.

Sanjana comes and asks what happened. Sanju says I don’t know what to do. She asks why are you afraid, I have a plan. He says whenever you say you have a plan, I get scared. He says Bua went to buy ring for engagement, we will get engaged, she will be glad and leave. He asks engagement. she says its just engagement. He says Kashmira will break my bones, we will fight before engagement and show we are not right for each other. She likes the idea.

Bua asks Sanjana to see lawyer, I got him for Sanjana and this guy’s marriage, I thought to get marriage done and go. Sanju signs Sanjana. They start arguing. Sanjana says I won’t marry him, he is arguing. Bua laughs and says its fun, fight more, you both argue like husband and wife. She asks Sanjana to apologize. Sanju says I won’t marry, I m going. Bua asks how can you go, I will file any case on you. Sanju says Bua, try to understand, how can I marry. Bua says by signing on paper. Kashmira, mummy and Bhupesh come. Kashmira asks whats happening. Sanjana says fight. Sanju says I won’t marry, Bua can’t force me, you are a hypocrite. Bua says how dare you talk to me like this and holds his hair. Sanju runs and his wig comes out.

Kashmira sees him and gets dizzy. She says Sanju….. and gets angry. Bua says you work in Sanjana’s office. Kashmira asks is this your work, they are Khiloni and Kanchan, and Sanjana did you wish to marry my husband. Sanju asks Kashmira to listen to Sanjana. Bhupesh and mummy scold Sanju, and ask him to say truth. Sanju asks Mummy not to get in between. Boss takes mummy’s side. Bua asks whats happening. Sanjana says let me explain, Kashmira hear me out, its not Sanju’s mistake, I asked him to do this acting, I don’t want to marry, Bua was after my marriage, so I did this for her happiness. Bua says you cheated me.

Sanju says madam did not cheat you, she lied as she is afraid of you, she respects you. Bua apologizes to Sanjana. Sanjana says no, I should apologize, I m sorry. Bua hugs Sanjana. Boss flirts with mummy. Sanju says Khiloni, everything got fine. Dadi comes and asks who will save you. Sanju gets shocked seeing Dadi.

Sanjana says when we do low cost ad, I think to cast you, but client said he wants good looking model which…. Sanju says which I m not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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