May I Come in Madam 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Dadi how did she come. She slaps Khiloni. Sanju asks why did you sit on Khiloni’s Dada ji’s chest, he is old. She says he is my boyfriend, about whom I told you. They get shocked. Sanju says you are mistaken, this is Khiloni’s Dada ji Saloni. Dadi asks Girdhar did you not identify me, I m your childhood friend. She reminds and Girdhar says yes, I m remembering. She says we used to sing songs, and sings. He says Sonia you….. Sanju asks Sonia? Khiloni says her name is latest. Dadi asks why did you get late in identifying me. Girdhar calls her hot. Sanju says she is my wife, Dadi’s soul is inside her, no touching, stay away. Dadi slaps Sanju and says I was away from long. Dadi asks Girdhar to come for morning walk and takes him. She sings.


morning, a girl Lajjo collides with Sanjana, and says my brother is lost. Sanjana says sorry, may I know his name to help you. Lajjo says his name is Khiloni. Sanjana thinks so it was Lajjo’s marriage. She says I know Mr. Khiloni. Lajjo says I m very fair. Sanju tells Kashmira that Dadi went with Girdhar at night, you have to explain Dadi. Khiloni gets Girdhar out and says Dada ji was bored at home, so we decided to go for movie. Dadi comes and slaps Khiloni. She says we will go for movie, say anything if they want. They all sign no. Bhupesh jokes about movie. Dadi goes with Girdhar. Sanju slaps Khiloni and says Dadi came seeing Dada.

Sanju gets Sanjana’s call and says I m ready, I m coming office. He slaps Khiloni angrily. Sanju goes office. Sanjana says I want to know how is Dada ji now. Sanju says he is good. She says Khiloni’s sister would be in shock, whats her name. He says Phulan, she got double shock, she is innocent. Sanju says his family is like mine, I raised Phulan. He makes a story. Sanjana smiles on his lies. Sanjana makes Lajjo meet Sanju. Sanjana says Lajjo told me Dada ji died 5 years ago, I think you believe in reincarnation. Sanju gets shocked and says maybe she has misunderstanding. Sanjana says yes, we will go to your house to clear misunderstanding.

He says I accept I did mistake, don’t go my home. Sanjana says I don’t care, your job will end if you don’t come with me. Lajjo comes and hugs Khiloni. Khiloni asks Lajjo when did you come from Patna. Sanjana and Sanju come. Sanjana asks Lajjo to meet her Dada ji. Lajjo says he is not my Dada ji, he died. Khiloni says Lajjo, I know you are annoyed with Dada ji, he is our Dada ji, don’t lie. Lajjo says no, you are lying. Sanjana says your Dadi will decide, she is on video call. Lajjo says I met your husband here and shows Girdhar. Dadi says he is fraud, my husband died. She scolds Khiloni.

Sanjana looks at them. Sanju says listen to me, I was trying to go Bangkok, and did all this, Khiloni gave me idea and I lied. Sanjana says you don’t need to ask for leave, you are fired, you can lie and go Bangkok. Sanju says I lied, but it was good for you. She asks how. Sanju says guy’s family was coming to see you and that stopped. She says fine, this time I will let it go, if you do any such mistake again, I swear I will fire you. Khiloni asks Girdhar to leave. Dadi comes and slaps. She says who said Girdhar is not needed. Lajjo and Khiloni leave. Dadi shows sherwani to Girdhar, and says we will go on candle night dinner. She goes. Sanjana asks what was that. Sanju says nothing, Dadi wants to get free.

Sanju, Khiloni and Girdhar drink. Sanju asks Girdhar to leave. He says no, I like your Dadi and I want to settle with her, I will marry Sonia and stay with her. Sanju scares Khiloni and says Dadi will kill you. Girdhar says Sonia loves me, why will she kill me. Khiloni says you are alive and Dadi is dead. Sanju says yes, you will die and become like Dadi. Girdhar worries.

Dadi comes to mummy and asks where is Girdhar. Mummy screams and says I don’t know. Sanju comes and says Girdhar has run away. Dadi says I will get angry on someone. Bhupesh comes and asks Sanju about his Bangkok ticket. Dadi beats Sanju.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she wants to buy Sanju. Sanju asks her to give any price. He says you made me priceless by buying me for one rupee. She says great.

Update Credit to: Amena

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