May I Come in Madam 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju dressed as the maid. He says Sanju has sent us. Sanjana says yes, come. She talks to Sanju and asks whats your name. Sanju says Shanta, your new maid, you can call me Shalu. Sanjana asks since when are you working for Sanju. Sanju says since his childhood. Sanjana says you look young. Sanju says this is just dye. Sanjana says you look well maintained, tell me what can you do. Sanju says everything, cooking, cleaning home, and I got trained to do proper massage, I can dance too if owner is bored, I will show demo. Sanju plays music and dances. Sanjana says okay good, sit and relax.

Sanju asks her to say. Sanjana says you have to come early morning, and explains household duties, I leave for office at 10am, finish work before I leave. Sanju says fine, I will

end work in few hours. Sanjana asks what salary will she take. Sanju says salary is no issue, if behavior is nice, then its good. She says tell me an amount, I used to give old maid 10000rs, I will give you 15000rs. Sanju says that’s more than enough. Sanjana says fine, I will go now. Sanju says I will give a back massage. Sanjana says no, I just woke up, I m fresh, when I get tired, you give me massage, I m going to have bath, you start the work. Sanju says fine, I will get a selfie to show where I m working, please smile. He takes selfie with Sanjana. She goes. Sanju says I will make aloo paratha for her.

At office, Bhupesh likes the kheer made by Kashmira. Sanjana comes. Bhupesh thinks its Sanju and asks him not to disturb. She beats him and asks about Sanju. Bhupesh says he maybe coming. She asks why did Sanju not come till now. Bhupesh says he left in early morning. Sanjana says I will lose my temper, tell him to be on time.

Sanju cleans the home. Boss asks his name. Sanju says Shalu. Boss says its good name, clean the floor. He flirts with Sanju/Shalu. He asks where did you stay and asks many questions. Sanju starts crying. Boss says don’t cry, tell me your age. Sanju says 50. Boss asks her to sing and dance too.

Sanju comes to office late and Sanjana gets angry. She asks why are you late, you made office a joke. He says I m late because some goons were teasing a girl, I saved the girl and fought with them, I have beaten them and dragged them to police station, I got late there. She says okay, I don’t see any mark on your shirt, how did you manage. Sanju says I m blackbelt in karate, they could not touch me. She says fine, I m also blackbelt in karate, show me your moves, come on. She beats Sanju.

She says say such lie that you can prove to be true, I m not any blackbelt, I m just Jackie Chan fan. She goes. Sanju sits to work.

Sanju comes home at night and is very tired. He goes to rest. Kashmira comes and sees him. He says let me sleep, I worked a lot in office. She says you never get tired before. He says so what. She sees lipstick mark on his lips and asks him. He says its lipstick. She asks did you kiss anyone. He asks what nonsense, whom will I kiss. She says I don’t know, tell me. He says client came for lipstick ad. She asks are you saying truth. He says yes, call madam and ask, spoil her sleep, she will taunt me that Sanju’s wife is strange and doubting Sanju always. She says fine. He says I have to go early morning tomorrow. He falls asleep. She removes his shoes.

Sanju wakes up by the alarm and leaves. Kashmira says something is fishy. She calls Bhupesh and asks him to come to room fast. She says he will know what is Sanju doing. Bhupesh comes there. Kashmira asks him about Sanju, he is going office early, my sindoor is in risk, I think Sanju is having an affair. Bhupesh says don’t worry, I m alive, I will find a good guy for you if Sanju leaves you. She slaps him.

She says I can’t live without Sanju, if he leaves me, I will kill Sanju, you and myself. He says shoot mum too. She slaps him and asks him to keep an eye on Sanju. Sanju takes bath and comes. He asks Bhupesh what is he doing here, what are you both planning against me.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house as Shalu. Boss comes and flirts with her. He says there is no one at home. Sanju says I will go home. He says I m young from heart. Sanju calls him ill mannered. Boss says I m in true love second time. He tells his love story of him and Shama. He says my memories revived seeing you. Sanju gets irritated. Boss asks Sanju to do massage, else I will fire you from the job.

Kashmira visits Sanjana. Sanju tells Sanjana that her dad is misbehaving with her. Sanjana says Papa would be joking. Sanjana says Kashmira’s hand got cut, so can I send Shalu to work at Kashmira’s place. Boss says fine, but Kashmira take care of Shalu well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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