May I Come in Madam 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju’s friend coming to meet him at office. Sanjana goes. His friend gets doctor for Sanju’s treatment. Sanju thanks him and says good, I fought with Kashmira yesterday. Doctor asks who is that hot lady. Sanju says she is my boss. Doctor says she is damn hot, anyone can get addicted to her, I will be with you from tomorrow. Sanju scolds him. Doctor acts mad. Sanju gets angry and beats him up.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. He sees her relaxing and asks whats this. She says cucumber. He says you are witty. She says I wanted to relax my eyes with something cool, my eyes relax seeing you, anyways what brings you here. She asks him to keep the sliding cucumber well. He begs her not to do this with him, he is addicted to her, he sees her in Kashmira too. She says what

can I do, I know I m drop dead gorgeous, people get addicted to me, please go to a doctor. He says even doctor is addicted to you, just be rude to me, scold me, hate me. She says it does not come easily, fine I will be rude, give me some time.

Sanju goes to work and says how will I work now. Sanjana comes to him. She beats him. He gets shocked. She says I want your addiction to get away, I m a wicked woman, do you hate me. He says yes. She says good, why did Lord make me like this, people get addicted to me. She goes. Sanju says yes, I had fun, I m addicted to her.

Its night, Sanju meets Khiloni. He tells how Sanjana has beaten him. She gets inspector and complaints that Sanju tried to molest her. Sanju gets shocked and defends himself. Khiloni says I don’t know him. Sanju scolds him. Sanju asks Sanjana to save him. She says I don’t like irritating people.

Inspector asks Sanju to come. Sanju says I swear I will not irritate you madam, I m not addicted. She says fine, leave Sanju. Inspector goes. Sanjana asks are you sure that you are not addicted. Sanju says yes, I will not even see you now, I will mind my own business. She says fine, I will see you tomorrow. She goes.

Sanju asks Khiloni to wear Sanjana’s mask and sit. Khiloni talks like Sanjana. Sanju plays song and looks at Sanjana’s pic. He rests in Khiloni’s lap and sleeps.

Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana and sees her looking down balcony. He stops her. She says will you kill me. He says no, I was stopping you from committing suicide. She asks why do you think negative. He says no, what were you seeing. She says my childhood, Papa used to take me for circus. She praises the artists. Sanju boasts of himself and says I have also worked in circus as an artist. She asks really. Sanju says I used to run on rope by being blindfolded. Chedi says we did not know we have big artist in office. She says yes, we should honor Sanju and make him walk on rope again. Chedi likes the idea. Sanjana says we will make rope on office terrace, we will call media, this will be big event, we will get famous. Sanju says I can’t do it. She asks why.

He says I became big artist and then no one came to watch show one day, I have quit all that. She says that’s a sad story, but this is the best chance, you got to grab this one, circus is diminishing art form, this will be tribute to all such artists, you will become overnight star and our company will get famous, do it. Chedi says please. Sanju says all that will be expensive. Chedi says I will arrange it. Sanjana says I will call media. Sanju walks on the railing wall on the road and talks to Khiloni. He falls down and faints. Khiloni goes to see him.

Sanjana gets Sanju to stairs and thinks to find out does his legs are numb or not. She pushes him and says sorry, get up, do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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