May I Come in Madam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to meet Sanjana. Sanjana tells color combinations to her friend. She says I have a good dressing sense, just try it. Her friend gets annoyed with her and ends call. Sanjana says what’s the girls’ problems, she disconnected the call. Sanju says I don’t like this girl. She asks do you know her. He says no, but no friend does such thing. She says right, friends don’t do this, I get jealous seeing you and Khiloni. He says we can never break friendship. She says that’s the kind of friends I want, I want to enjoy and have fun. He says Khiloni and I are here, join us. She laughs. She acts friendly with him. He asks her to make list what she wants to do, he will set the program. She says calm down, just do your work. He says of course, I will finish all work.

He goes.

Sanju meets Khiloni and asks him to see who is with him. He gets Sanjana. She greets Khiloni. She sits with them. Khiloni asks why did you call her. Sanju says don’t get scared, she came to gave us company. Khiloni asks which company will she manage them. She says you are so funny, I want to spend time and do friendship. Khiloni says I feel like Sudama. Sanju asks him to make peg. She says no, I will do it. Sanju says you have to learn a lot Khiloni. She drinks wine. They look at her.

They all get drunk. She says this is amazing, I wish this night never ends. Sanju says you should wish wine should not end. Khiloni says we will go and find wine, then drink it. They all leave on bike. Khiloni drives. Sanju asks him to drive well. Sanju sings Sa re ga ma pa….. Sanju comes home drunk and falls down. He sings. Kashmira and mummy see him. Kashmira gets angry.

Sanju thinks something is wrong. She asks who was that girl behind you in bike. He asks how do you know this. She says I got to know this by Kuku. He says he can’t see anything, I was driving, the girl was after Khiloni, this was a helpless woman, some goons were teasing her, we saved her and dropped her home. Mummy asks did you leave that girl, I think you are lying. Sanju makes her out of house and shuts door. He imagines. Kashmira asks what, are you mad. He says I did good thing, she is saying wrong things, my wife is doubting on me. She asks him to come and have food.

Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana. She says come, I was waiting for you, I have had fun with you and Khiloni, now I know why are you lost, I m sure you imagine those moments. He says no, I imagine coming moments, like we will have fun today. She says I want to share something with you, I m not sure. He asks to say. She says I had fun and felt free, you guys are so much fun, I was thinking this can’t be friendship, I think I m in love. Sanju thinks am I imagining and hurts himself. He screams. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I always knew you will fall in love some day. She says yes, but I did not know I will fall in love with cheap down market man. He says one should not judge book by its cover. She says I was imagining Khiloni’s words. He asks Khiloni. She says yes, I m in love with Khiloni. He faints. She sprays water on him.

He gets up. He says I just fainted by overdrinking. She asks him not to drink much tonight. He gets sad. He sings sad song…..Its night, he rejects Khiloni’s call. Sanjana comes to meet him. Sanju complains about Khiloni. Khiloni comes there. Sanjana smiles. Khiloni joins them. Sanju argues. Sanjana says I told him where to come, he called you when you were not answering, we exchanged numbers yesterday. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanjana says I really love you Khiloni. Sanju gets sad. Kya se kya hogaya…..plays……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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