May I Come in Madam 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana telling Sanju that a model is coming and he has to take measurements. She then asks Sanju to praise her. He praises her. She says now I know why your work is incomplete, go and do your work. She sings song and he leaves. Sanju comes home and looks for something. He asks mummy whats this. She says its paper. He says someone has sent love letter for you. She gets glad and dances. He scolds her and reads the shayari written by her lover. She smiles. They see Kashmira and run thinking she is Dadi. They ask Bhupesh to open the door. Kashmira says I was drying my hair, why did you get scared, get this knife sharpened when you go out. He takes Sanjana’s name. Kashmira looks at him.

Sanju says I will get late if I do this work, and Sanjana madam will ask me, that’s

why I took her name. Mummy says he is explaining a lot, it means he is wrong. Kashmira says I trust Sanju, he works with Sanjana and that’s why took her name, its fine. Sanju goes to get ready. Mummy asks Bhupesh to keep an eye on Sanju. He says fine, I will bring Sanju back on ground.

Later, Bhupesh goes to Sanjana and asks for her signs. He shows the marks on his hand. She asks about his marks. He says its painful story, don’t ask for good. She says fine. He says no, I will tell you, Sanju did this. He says he looks sweet. He says you don’t know Sanju is very dangerous, he gets madness attacks. She asks what is he saying. Bhupesh forgets to say and cooks a story. He says till you don’t see more marks on my body, you won’t believe. She says don’t strip, get out. He leaves.

Sanjana’s friend Anu comes and meets her. She keeps a gun on the table. Sanju and peon go to see special model. Sanju asks whats this place. Peon shows the model statue. Sanju recalls Sanjana’s words. He asks is she model, whats special in this, whom am I saying. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. He scolds Sanju and says she is special as we got this for 2.5lakhs from Brazil, whom am I saying, you don’t know Brazil. Sanju says I know it. Boss scolds him. Sanju says sorry and takes measurement of statue. Boss gets glad seeing perfect measurements. Sanju asks for tea and sends peon. Sanju imagines Sanjana in the statue and plays with her like kids. The statue’s hand comes out and Sanju worries. He thinks to hide statue and bring it in morning.

Anu says I m scared of serial killers, and that’s why I got this gun for safety. Sanjana says I m not worried, this place is very safe. Anu says fine, I m going for party. Sanju puts statue in bag and hides. Peon asks him did you not go home till now.

Sanju hides the bag and says no, I m doing overtime, model project is complicated. Peon says fine, we are going home. Sanju asks why did power go. Peon says I did not pay electricity bill, take this torch, take care of yourself and model.

Bhupesh comes home and says Sanju and I were racing, we had bet and I came running and won. Mummy says Sanju fooled you, we had to know what Sanju does at office. Kashmira asks mummy not to shout. Mummy asks her to find out and know truth.

Sanjana comes and asks Sanju where is he. He asks her to hold the chair. She asks him to light the candle. He says sorry and lights candles. She says I was thinking to go late. He asks her to rest at home. She says I mean I will leave late. He says even I will go late. She says then you have to wait here, I m hungry, can you end my hunger, you know me, I like Chinese. He says what a coincidence, I ordered Chinese, you sit, I will serve food. She says so we are going to do candle light dinner tonight. He smiles.

Sanjana sees the bag and signs Sanju. The man catches Sanju and she says I will call police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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