May I Come in Madam 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Boss saying its good to make girl and guy talk. Bua says I know the guy, you know him well, go and talk to him. Sanju goes. Bua says he just left soon, go and talk, don’t be shy. Kashmira tells them that guy’s personality is like Sanju. Sanju tells Sanjana that I can’t do this acting. She says it just started. He says this can be my end, if Kashmira knows I have come as fake groom to marry you, she will find a real groom for you. She says you can’t leave me like this, its not fair. He says everything is fair in war and love.

She says I m with you, why are you worried, am I no one to you. He says Bua will not leave us. She asks will you continue this. He says fine, change this a bit. She says fine, tell them you don’t like me and you are not ready

for this marriage, take your fake family and leave, you will get saved. Sanju says fine, forgive me madam, I m still standing with you but…. She says even I regarded me mine but….

Khiloni calls Kanchan as Bhabhi. Bua asks why are you calling your wife as Bhabhi. Boss says he is asking you, he sees cross. He gives tea to Khiloni. Kanchan tells Khiloni that Kishore is calling her. Bua asks whose call is it. Kanchan says my husband’s. Bua says your husband is sitting beside you. Kanchan changes her words.

Sanjana and Sanju come. Bua says you both came early, I think much talk was not needed. Kashmira says Jija ji will like Sanjana. Khiloni says my son’s face shows he likes to marry Sanjana. Sanju acts and says listen to me, Khiloni says don’t be shy, relation is fixed now. Bua says we will get roka done, and takes shagun coins from boss. Boss gives change. Bua asks for shagun. Boss thinks they won’t return my money. Bua says give 1000rs note, don’t embarrass us.

Bua says Sanjana does not have sister, Kashmira is like her sister, she will give shagun to guy. Kashmira gives shagun to Sanju. Bua asks where did you stay. Sanju says in hotel. Bua asks them to stay at Kashmira’s house. Sanju says no, we will stay in hotel, why to trouble anyone. Kashmira says you can stay with us, you will have fun with my husband. Boss says yes, I can meet mummy there.

Bua says you will go to Kashmira’s house today. Kanchan agrees. Sanjana looks at Sanju. Sanju thinks I need help now, who will save me now. Kashmira shows the room. Sanju says I have seen it, I mean many rooms like this. Kashmira says yes, our house is not big like Sanjana’s house, call me if you need anything. Kashmira and mummy leave.

Sanju shuts door. Khiloni drinks and asks whats all this, what the hell is going on, if Kashmira knows I m here, she will beat me. Sanju asks why did you agree to proposal, I decided to say no when I spoke to madam, she gave me this idea. Khiloni says we went there to say yes, when did you change plan. Kanchan says ask Sanjana what to do now. Sanju calls Sanjana. He says save me, come here. Sanjana asks how, I m stuck here. Kishore calls Kanchan again. She asks what to do now. Khiloni says run from here. Khiloni and Kanchan run away. Sanju says my team is running, wait, don’t leave me alone.

Kashmira knocks the door. Sanju thinks what shall I do, shall I run away, no it will be problem. Kashmira asks him to come for dinner. He says okay, we will come. Kashmira says I will not go without taking you, you are our guests. Sanju looks for Khiloni and Kanchan. He slaps Khiloni and asks are you mad to run away, I got stuck, Kashmira has come there. Kanchan and Khiloni say we are scared. Sanju says even I m scared, come, I paid money to Kanchan, she can’t run away like this.

They get into room via window. Sanju opens the door. Kashmira says you opened door late, did you get lost in Sanjana’s thoughts. Sanju says no, my parents were lost, I mean they are hungry, come. Kashmira gets wine smell from Khiloni. Sanju slaps Khiloni. She asks them to sit and have food. Kishore comes there and says Kashmira, I m not getting my wife, who is she. Kashmira says this is jija ji’s mummy and that’s papa. Kishore touches their feet. Kanchan screams. Kashmira asks what happened. Sanju says she does not like anyone touching her feet, someone has stolen her slipper, so she is scared.

Kishore asks where is Sanju. Kashmira says he did not come from office. Kishore asks did he run away with my Kanchan. Bhupesh says don’t worry, call Sanju. Kashmira says yes right. Sanju worries. Kashmira asks Kishore to go, I will tell you when I find Kanchan. Sanju says I have head ache, I need some rest. Kashmira says fine, have food. Sanju says I will eat later. Kashmira says fine, I will get medicine. Khiloni says he needs prayers, not medicine. Sanju says he means pray for my headache to get fine, no one should disturb me. Kashmira calls Sanju.

Sanju rushes to room and answers her call. She asks where are you. He says room. She asks whose room. He says meeting room and lies to her. She asks him to see time, come home. He says there is much work. She asks why are you stammering, what are you doing. He thinks her doubt antenna is strong. She says Kishore said you have run away with Kanchan. He says I would have not attended your call. She says come home, Dadi will hear you. He says I m coming. Sanju sees Kishore and runs away.

Kashmira apologizes to them. Sanju asks Khiloni and Kanchan to leave. He beats Khiloni and names him. Kashmira asks what did you say, Khiloni?

Update Credit to: Amena

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