May I Come in Madam 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana telling Sanju that you convinced them to do all marriage functions in Delhi, I m proud of you, you are genius, contact best wedding planners, lets do it the right way. Sanju looks at Khiloni. Khiloni says we have to call heart specialist, I got call about my grandpa’s heart attack, his heart sunk and he fainted. Boss asks did you show him to doctor. Khiloni says he is worried and close to death. Sanjana says Dada ji is serious, what will happen now. Sanju says he will get treated, his tension is not getting less, marriage can’t happen. Sanjana says I understand, but I can go to Patna, book my ticket.

Sanju asks what will you go going there. Sanjana says you have Kashmira’s Dadi, that’s not my case, I did not interact with my grandparents, I m

thinking to meet Khiloni’s grandpa and I can get his love. Khiloni says I m ready to become grandpa. Sanju says he means he is also going to become grandpa soon. Sanjana asks him to book her tickets. Sanju says Dada ji is coming Delhi, as doctors are good here, his treatment will be done well, he will start running and then marriage will happen.

Khiloni and Sanju go. Khiloni asks Sanju how to get Dada ji now, make me fake Dada ji. Sanju asks about the kabab vendor. Khiloni says you are mad, who will make kabab then. Sanju taunts him. They leave.

Kashmira tells mummy that knife is blunt. Mummy says Sanju’s tongue is more sharp and can cut walls too. She gets boss’ call and dances. Kashmira looks at her. Mummy says go somewhere, I got private call. Kashmira says I m going and leaves. Mummy talks to boss. Boss flirts with her. She says she will do mujra if he says. He says not mujra, just do one thing, Khiloni’s grandpa is coming Delhi, I wanted you to keep him at your home, so that I can meet you anytime by that excuse. She laughs and says you are very clever. She makes him jealous.

Sanju and Khiloni tell the matter to kabab vendor. The man says I understood the story, Khiloni’s Dada ji died and now you want me to become his Dada ji. Sanju asks him to help them. The man agrees and says I have a condition, I will help you. Sanju asks what. Khiloni says you will get 5000rs and wine. The man says no, the condition is when you get free of this problem, you will take me to Bangkok, ay if you agree, else I won’t come. Khiloni says fine go. Sanju slaps Khiloni and says we agree, we will take you to Bangkok. The man says fine, I will get my bag. Khiloni asks Sanju are you mad, this man can’t act. Sanju asks him not to increase his tension.

Kashmira calls Sanju and asks for Khiloni’s Dada ji. Sanju says he will come. She says mummy made a request. He says this is good news that she requested. She says she is not so bad. He jokes. She says mummy wants Khiloni’s Dada ji stays with us. Sanju says he is Khiloni’s Dada ji, mummy is after every man, he won’t stay here. She says you will enter house if you get Dada ji. He says I was joking. She says love you. He says love you too. She asks him to get vegetables. Sanju tells Khiloni that Kashmira said Dada ji will stay in my house. Khiloni says great, my tension ended. The man gets his bag and leaves with them.

Boss and Sanjana come to Sanju’s house. Boss gives bouquet to mummy. Kashmira asks Sanjana how is she. Sanjana says fine. Boss flirts with mummy. They laugh. Bhupesh comes and asks boss to see patient. Mummy makes boss wear goggles. Boss scolds Bhupesh. Bhupesh goes.

Khiloni introduces his Dada ji. Sanjana greets him and asks how was his journey. Sanju covers up the errors by good story. Sanjana says you should not travel much in this age. The man says I m thinking to go Bangkok. Sanju asks does this suit you in this age. Sanjana says calm down Sanju, you have to treat patient well. Kashmira jokes on Sanju. Sanju apologizes. The man says he has forgiven Sanju thinking him as a donkey. Sanjana says I will get your treatment done by best doctor, I will take care of all expenses if your grand daughter’s marriage. She gives him a rose. The man asks her to call him after she reaches home. Sanjana says okay, that’s like a Dada ji.

Boss flirts with mummy. Sanju comes and breaks their moment. He scolds Chedi for not seeing patient and sitting with their house illness. Sanjana asks what happened. Boss says nothing, he was telling me about Dada ji’s illness. Sanjana says you did not meet him. Boss says once I saw my ill Nana ji, I got ill, so I refuse to meet any ill person. Sanju asks him to go home. Sanjana says Kashmira its late, I will leave, Khiloni take care of Dada ji. Boss and Sanjana leave. Khiloni says I will also leave. Sanju reminds his Dada ji is inside, if anything happens at night, who will take care. Khiloni says there will be space problem. Bhupesh says you and Sanju sleep with Dada ji, mummy, Kashmira and I will sleep in other room.

Dadi comes to Sanju, Khiloni and vendor. She smiles seeing old vendor. They get shocked seeing Dadi.

Sanju asks Dadi why did she come at this time, is there anything urgent, you are sitting on Dada ji. She says he is my boyfriend, I told you about him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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