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May I Come in Madam 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana talking to her friend. She says I want to take a holiday, I do work and get tired, we used to do camping, I made a tent in office, weather is so awesome. She laughs and says I m mad, and want to be mad, just mad can stay happy in tension. Sanju comes there. Sanjana ends call and gets into the tent. He sees the tent and says I completed this file. She says you are working fast. He says I m helpless. She says this file has dirt, are you lost. He murmurs in your world, I mean office work. She says something went in my eyes, come inside and see what happened. He gets inside tent. Kashmira comes there and sees them inside tent. Sanju checks Sanjana’s eyes. She thanks him. Sanju comes out of the tent and gets shocked seeing Kashmira. He leaves.

Kashmira asks Sanjana

to sign on the file. Sanjana asks her to get pen. Kashmira goes and scolds Sanju. He asks is my wife asking this, or any rude employee. She says wife. He says I was doing office work. She says I have seen you close with Sanjana, I have seen shadows, you were kissing her. He asks are you mad, you are mistaken. She says I m your mistaken. He says madam’s eyes got dirt, so I was blowing in her eyes. She asks him not to lie. Peon comes and takes Kashmira’s side. Sanju scolds him. peon wears goggles and turns into boss. Sanju says sorry. He asks Kashmira not to tell anything, he is Sanjana’s Papa. He makes excuse and goes.

Sanju goes to Sanjana. She says I m leaving, I will drop you, we will talk on the way. He says I m leaving this company. She says so you are resigning. He says you can say that. She hugs him and says please don’t leave me. He says I don’t have any option now. She says in that case, I have no option and hurts his back by tight hug. His fantasy ends. She says give me resignation letter, I will read later. He asks won’t you ask the reason of resignation, I m leaving because of Kashmira. She says I can’t force you to work here, if you have decided. He says I won’t stay even if you force me, I have made up my mind. She tells about company policy to work for three months and leave.

At home, Sanju tells Kashmira that he did not kiss madam. Mummy adds fuel in fire. Bhupesh says this is mummy’s work to add fuel in fire. Mummy slaps Bhupesh. Mummy says Kashmira works and earns money, she is senior. Kashmira argues with Sanju. Sanju says I did not kiss Sanjana, my file had dirt and it went in her eyes. She scolds him. He says I got mad, since I got married. He leaves. Bhupesh says Sanju is saying right. Kashmira asks how much money Sanju gave you. Bhupesh says 500. Kashmira slaps him.

Sanju goes out and drinks with Khiloni. He tells the matter to Khiloni. Khiloni says you are lucky to kiss Sanjana. Sanju says I did not kiss Sanjana, Kashmira thinks so. Khiloni says that’s sad. Sanju says tell me how to explain Kashmira. Khiloni says I m drunk, I don’t have any idea. Sanju asks him to think. Khiloni falls asleep and snores.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. She says I did big mistake to give job to Kashmira, she is stupid, inefficient, tell her she is fired, she can get lost. He says I agree, thanks. His dream ends. He asks why did you call me. She says I want to share something, I want to get Kashmira in my cabin. He says don’t do this, our privacy will end, I mean your privacy. Sanjana says I don’t have any privacy. Kashmira comes. Sanjana praises her. Kashmira taunts Sanju. Sanjana says you work hard, I thought to shift you in another branch as a manager. Sanju gets shocked.

He takes Kashmira outside. She says I m not your wife, I m your madam. He asks her not to go Singapore. She says I will go, madam gave me chance. He asks who will take care of me. She says mummy will take care of you. He asks whom will I romance. She asks him to romance with madam, I m giving you freedom. He asks her not to go and holds her feet. She says this is office, get up. He says you won’t go, be with me. Boss comes there. Sanju says sorry. Boss asks how can you do this, she is employee here, not your wife. Sanju says no, I was touching her feet, she is good employee, I m inspired by her. Boss says fine, touch her feet. She goes.

Sanjana tells someone that she got marketing head Kashmira for Singapore branch, explain her the work. Sanju goes to Sanjana and asks her to stop Kashmira from going Singapore. Sanjana says she is promoted, you are asking me not to send her, what kind of husband are you. Sanju says I can’t live without her, don’t send her. He cries. Kashmira comes. Sanjana says your husband got mad, he does not want you to go Singapore. Kashmira says he is saying right, I won’t go. Sanjana asks why, tickets are booked. Kashmira says cut your loss from his salary, but I can’t live without Sanju, I got habitual of him, fighting with him, I did job to prove myself, I proved I can work too, I want to resign now. Sanju thanks Kashmira.

Its night, Sanju gets Kashmira to room and surprises her. She says wow Sanju, you did this decorations for me. He says yes, I did this just to please you. They get romantic. He says my love will never end for you, if my boss is girl, its not my mistake. She agrees. He says I have to listen to boss to save my job. He gets a call and she goes. He talks to Sanjana and smiles.

Sanjana tells her dad that she has no friend here to share things. Sanju hears this and gets happy. He calls Sanjana and talks to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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