May I Come in Madam 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Bhupesh about Sanju. He says I think he is in madam’s cabin. Boss welcomes Kashmira. He asks where is your mummy. Kashmira says she is managing home. Boss says who will manage me, everything is ready, Sanju sat on hot seat, we will go there. He gets a call and says remove that chair beside me, she is not coming. Sanju sits on hot seat. Sanjana asks are you ready, we will ask you questions, you will answer. Boss says I m company’s chairman, I will ask first, company’s stationery is stolen, who is involved in this. Sanju says I did not steal any office stationery, I don’t know any thief, I m not involved. Boss says whenever I got washroom, someone locks me and does not open the door, who does this. Sanju says I want to take the credit, I accept the

punishment. Boss asks does your mum in law feels the same which I feel for her. Sanju says she feels same for every man. Bhupesh and Kashmira get angry. Sanjana asks Kashmira to ask questions. Kashmira says you ask him, he will need courage to answer my questions. Sanjana says fine. She asks Sanju how does he see her, is she just boss or anything else.

Sanju worries and says you are not just boss for me, you are a well wisher, a good friend, and inspiration for me. Sanjana asks Sanju does he do things to please him, is that true. Boss says I m proud of you Sanjana, very good questions. Sanju says I do many things which I don’t like to do, I want to make you happy, you are our boss, if you are happy, office staff will be happy, I m senior employee and this is my responsibility to keep them happy. Kashmira asks Sanju does he have an affair, who is that woman, what does she have that I don’t. Bhupesh says you asked many questions. Kashmira says answer is same and slaps Sanju. Bhupesh says I m not here to ask anything, but be witness so that he does not deny it later. Sanju tells Kashmira that he regrets that she is asking such questions at this time, Kashmira could ask about our future, I m upset, I will answer, I just love you and will always love you, but I will always remember this that you doubted on me and insulted me infront of madam and boss.

Sanju calls Khiloni and tells him that I got saved, Lord is with us, at correct time, the truth pills effect ended, else I would have gone. Boss comes. Sanju ends call. Boss says I want to ask did you say true. Sanju says I had truth pills, I will say true. Boss says I will ask Sanjana. Sanju says no, she is my weakness, she is great. Boss gets angry and says I trust you, whatever you said there was true. He goes.

Sanjana talks on phone and asks the maid not to leave her. She says what will I do without Kanta Bai. Sanju sees her crying and asks her not to cry. She asks why are you crying. He says I m getting tears seeing you cry, I mean when I see anyone cry, I get tears. She says I can’t see any tears. He says I have cried a lot, and now tears got dry. She asks him to stop this drama, just go. He asks what happened, just tell me, I will solve your problem. She says maid is going to leave me, she has been with me for past 12 years, even dad is attached to her. Sanju says he is attached to every woman. She says she took care of me a lot, trust me, she used to give great back massage, who will do that for me, her husband came and she is going back to her husband, how much I m going to miss her. He thinks don’t worry, a maid will come to you soon and give you back massage.

Sanju comes home and says its good I did not see mummy’s face today. He thinks how to solve madam’s problem. He calls Kashmira and asks her to serve him, she just enjoys at home. She says I do all the work, is there any maid. He says its small things. She asks him to do the work then. He asks why will I do, I m husband. Sheb says feel it some day. He gets the idea and thinks to become Sanjana’s maid.

He imagines Sanjana. Kashmira says its not easy to do household work, you go on dinner for meetings, wives do more work. She goes. He says maid should be Punjabi. He talks in ladies voice. Kashmira comes and says you men think we are machine. He says enough, forgive me, I did big mistake, do your work. She goes. Sanjana takes her dad to the car and asks why are you so drunk. Sanju calls her. Sanju talks as a maid. Sanjana asks who are you. Sanju says I m Sanju’s maid, he asked me to call you. She says yes, ofcourse, I need a maid, what work do you know.

Sanju says many things, even love, I mean all the household work, even massage. Sanjana says great, come tomorrow, do you have my address. Sanju says I know everything, Sanju told me. He gets glad. Kashmira comes and scolds Sanju again.

Its morning, Sanju wakes up by the alarm. Kashmira asks what happened, its 5am. Sanju says I have to leave, I m going office, where else will I go, I have meeting with client, I have to go. He asks her not to argue.

Sanju goes to Khiloni’s house and asks is your wife here. Khiloni says no, she went to gym. Khiloni says I want your house for sometime. Khiloni asks did you get any girl, I won’t let you do wrong thing. Sanju scolds him and says I did not get any girl. Khiloni asks why are you doing women’s makeup. Sanju says to get madam’s love. Khiloni asks Sanju to say what game is he playing. Sanju says this is game of love. Khiloni says I m also in love with madam. Sanju scolds him and says madam is just mine. He goes to change. Sanju gets dressed as the maid goes to meet Sanjana.

Sanju says I called you at night, Sanju sent me. Sanjana asks her to do all household work, what salary will she take. Sanju says just give me love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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