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May I Come in Madam 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju trying to impress Sanjana with his hardwork. She says I did not eat anything since morning. He imagines stupid things. She says stop it, whats happening. He says I did not have food, if you want to have dinner outside, we can go together. She says you can say you want me to take me on dinner date. He says no. She says it means you did want to take me. He says I did not say no. She asks how do you think so cheap things, shut up, disgusting, I m getting ready and coming, think where are we going. He gets glad.

Khiloni calls Sanju. Sanju says madam got ready to go on dinner date with me. Khiloni reminds its his wedding anniversary today. Sanju worries and asks what shall I do. Khiloni says Kashmira will beat you, send me with madam for dinner. Sanju scolds him.

He asks for some idea. Khiloni says forget everything, total memory loss. Sanju thanks him. He thinks what to tell madam. Sanjana comes and says I m ready. Sanju says I m having stomach ache, sorry but can we keep dinner tomorrow. She goes.

Kashmira cries and says how can Sanju forget anniversary. Mummy says every man tries to forget he is married. Khiloni and others get Sanju home. Kashmira asks what happened to him. Khiloni says Sanju fainted, he got head injury. Mummy asks what happened. Khiloni says Sanju went to see gold necklace to gift Kashmira, and truck has hit Sanju. Kashmira says I was thinking wrong.

Khiloni tells fake accident story and Bhupesh questions. Kashmira says we will take Sanju to doctor. Khiloni says I called doctor at home. They make Sanju rest. Doctor checks Sanju. Doctor flirts with Kashmira, and Sanju pinches him. Bhupesh says Sanju is mad. Doctor says I m saying whats told to me. Khiloni says doctor means what he learnt in medical college. Sanjana comes there. Mummy asks did you come along, did your dad not come. Sanjana says I came to see Sanju knowing he met with an accident. Mummy says yes, doctor came to see him. Kashmira cries and tells Sanjana that Sanju’s memory can go. Sanjana says but Sanju looks fine, why are we not taking Sanju to hospital. Sanju wakes up and screams.

Bhupesh asks Sanju to ask who am I, whats my name. Sanjana asks Sanju are you okay. Sanju calls her Shalu and asks what are you doing here. Bhupesh says she is Sanjana, our madam. Sanju says she is my fiancée Shalu. Khiloni thinks Sanju is clever. Kashmira says what nonsense, I m your wife. Sanju says no, Shalu is my fiancée. He acts like losing his mind. Sanjana says I have urgent work, I have to rush to office, take care Sanju. She goes. Bhupesh asks doctor will Sanju get back his senses if we hit him again. Sanju acts.

Next day, Sanju goes to Sanjana and says I caught you Shalu. He asks her to come, its raining outside. He flirts with her. She asks whats this misbehavior, I m troubled by this. He acts to get unwell. She says please calm down, I m Shalu, fine. He says yes. She says I m busy with clients in evening. He says fine, no problem, look in my eyes with love and talk sweetly I love you. She says I have to meet my Maasi and goes.

Kashmira is worried and asks mummy will Bhupesh get Sanju. Mummy says let Sanju go. Bhupesh gets Sanju home. Sanju thanks them for keeping him here when he lost memory.

He asks Kashmira not to hold his hand. Mummy says don’t know where is Dadi. Kashmira says you are my husband, whats in Shalu which I don’t have. He says she talks with love. Kashmira says I love you. He praises Shalu and goes. Kashmira cries. Bhupesh says don’t cry, boss/peon will get doctor. Boss comes and flirts with mummy. He asks Kashmira not to worry, I got memory specialist doctor. Kashmira requests doctor to help her. Doctor says do something that patient gets hurt and he would recall that old life was better, torture him. Kashmira asks what. Boss says just send Sanju to office tomorrow, then his memory will come back.

Sanjana asks Sanju to resume his work. Boss gives peon’s uniform to Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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