May I Come in Madam 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira calling Sanju home. She talks to mummy. Bhupesh says you are preparing for Durjan’s engagement. She says yes, don’t tell this infront of Sanju. Mummy says I will get ready today. Sanju comes and asks mummy why is she happy. Kashmira says its Bhupesh’s engagement today, are you not happy. He says no, I mean I m happy to get rid of him. They ask him not to go office today. Sanju gets call and says its client’s call. He answers Sanjana’s call as Durjan. Sanjana asks him to come home fast, no need to cook food. Durjan says fine, I m coming.

Sanju says I will get dry fruits for guests. Bhupesh says its already there. Sanju says I will get gifts, I will come soon. He goes. Chedi asks Sanjana are you sure Durjan is suitable for you. She says yes,

he is talented, I m working woman, he can take care of me, cook for me, he is perfect for me. He says Durjan and Sanju are twins, anyways decision is yours. I will ask jeweler about your engagement ring. Sanju comes as Durjan and meets Sanjana.

She asks how did you like the suit. He says it will suit your dad. She says you will wear this, go and change, I will tell you everything. Sanju asks where are we going. She says Sanju’s house. He says Bhupesh’s engagement is going on there, Kashmira told me, why are you taking me there, Sanju won’t come there if I go there. She says that does not matter, engagement won’t happen without you, its our engagement, not Bhupesh. He asks what, how can this happen. She asks why, you don’t like me. He says no, I m poor man.

She says I think you need a chance to get famous, I don’t find your cooking talent small, I will marry you and fulfill your dreams, Chedi is waiting for jeweler, he will get rings, we will invite everyone in marriage. He worries realizing he left phone at madam’s house. Khiloni calls Sanju. Chedi finds Durjan’s phone. He answers call. Khiloni asks Sanju where are you, its your engagement with Sanjana as Durjan, how will you manage now. Chedi hears everything and ends call. He says so this is the thing, be ready Sanju, you will get beaten up now.

Kashmira and everyone talk to Sanjana and Durjan. Khiloni gets worried and says you here Sanju… Kashmira says he is Durjan, not Sanju. Bhupesh says he is same, they are twins. Kashmira asks Sanju to have sweets. Khiloni says I called you not to come. Sanju says my phone was at madam’s house, just Chedi was there. He worries. Khiloni says you will get beating now. Sanju blames him for all this.

Chedi comes. Khiloni says I will leave. Chedi stops him. Chedi says Sanju will get beaten up now by police and removes moustache. They all get shocked. Sanjana asks what’s all this. Sanju asks can you all forgive me. Bhupesh scolds him. Sanju says I did this to help madam by becoming cook, I did not know matter will reach here, this was not my idea, this was Khiloni’s idea. Khiloni runs. Sanju says I m not saying lie, so I did not run.

Its morning, Bhupesh asks what are you watching. Sanju says I m watching movie. Bhupesh asks why are you seeing horror movie. Kashmira calls him home to get ration. He argues and asks her to send mummy. He says I m raising everyone alone, if I go somewhere, you will beg ration from people. She ends call angrily. Bhupesh asks Sanju do you really think so. Sanju says yes, you will beg, is there any other option, company will go in loss too. Sanjana hears this. Sanju speaks against Chedi and Sanjana. Sanju says if I leave this company, Sanjana will find me. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana. He makes story seeing her. Bhupesh smiles. Sanju runs. Bhupesh says he was just spoiling things.

Khiloni says it was rat poison, not wine. Sanju faints. Sanjana asks Kashmira to stop playing game, Sanju is coming. They act infront of Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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