May I Come in Madam 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting angry to fix the bulb. He argues with Kashmira. He fixes bulb. Mummy comes and switches on the bulb. Kashmira asks what happened to him. Mummy says he might have got current. Kashmira switches off the bulb and calls Bhupesh to come fast. They get Sanju done. Sanju says my hand is stuck. She slaps Bhupesh. Kashmira takes her to room.

Its morning, Sanju comes to office. He gives radio to Sanjana. She says this is awesome. Sanju holds bulb in his hand. She asks can I play with it. He says sure. He imagines flirting with her. She shouts on him. She asks what’s this bulb. Checi says I will say, Sanju got the electric shock. Sanjana laughs. She says you look so cute, like our very own statue of liberty. Chedi says I want you to lie on ambulance to give

light. He sees his dad’s radio and kisses it. Chedi goes.

Sanju says I got tickets got business trip. She says I will go with Bhupesh. He asks why. She says look at you, go and do work. She laughs. He goes. She sits to check radio. Sanju gets to his desk and sits to work. He calls Khiloni. She hears old songs and misses Dada ji.

Radio stops. Radio connects to phone frequency. She hears Chedi talking to Ramwati. She says wow, radio is catching radio signal and mobile signal too. Sanju says I have become lamp post. Khiloni jokes. He says its matter of two days, just chill. Sanju says madam is taking Bhupesh on tour, because of this state. Sanju says its Kashmira’s mistake, I will not leave her. Sanjana hears an old sing Akele akele kahan jaa rahe ho……. She dances. She hears Sanju and Khiloni’s conversation. Khiloni asks what, will you kill Kashmira today. Sanjana gets shocked and shouts to Chedi. Sanju says why will I kill Kashmira, I was talking of this bulb, I will see Kashmira.

Sanjana tells Chedi that I heard Sanju going to kill Kashmira. He asks where did you hear it. She says on this radio. She checks radio. The old song plays. Chedi dances. Sanju asks don’t I have to life with peace. Khiloni says everyone has right to live. Sanju says no, some people are just born to die, like me, I will not die this way, I will find some way, meet me at night. Khiloni says what’s worry now, you have light in life. Sanju ends call.

Sanjana says Sanju is such a nasty man. Chedi says you call Kashmira, I will inform her mummy, I think you should go there. She says I should inform on phone, that’s fastest way. He says she can faint and need shoulder. She says we should go to Kashmira’s house right away. Kashmira does champi to mummy and asks her to make chutney for Sanju, I will make pulao for her. Mummy says don’t love him much. Sanjana and Chedi come there. Sanjana says aunty is right, Kashmira has danger to life, the old radio repaired by Sanju, I heard Sanju is planning your murder, he is angry by bulb incident.

Kashmira says he gets angry, but he can’t do this. Chedi says Sanju is right, I have also heard him. Kashmira says I don’t want to die, we will call Sanju. Sanjana says no, lets wait and see how low Sanju falls, we will catch him when he tries.

Its night, Sanju is with Khiloni and drinks. Sanju asks him for some solution. Kashmira says forget madam. Sanju slaps him and asks for Kashmira’s solution. Khiloni says Kailash scares his wife by keeping a gun at home, now she does not trouble him, you can also try this. Khiloni asks Sanju for the torch. Sanju asks are you mad. The bulb gets off Sanju’s hand. He gets glad. Kashmira says I can’t believe Sanju can plan to kill me. Sanju thinks if Kashmira sees sauce stain, she will scold me. He hides his hand. She asks did your hand get fine. He says yes, Khiloni pulled the bulb, my hand got dirty. She asks will you not get angry on me. He thinks to scare her and says I m very angry, I will not forget this, tomorrow you will shout on me again, I will have permanent solution. She says don’t be angry, I will please you. She dances around. He scolds her and goes to washroom and wash his hand. She looks inside and gets shocked thinking Sanju’s hand has blood, did he kill anyone.

Sanju says I will make you sleep in my lap. She makes excuse and goes. He asks her to give envelop from his bag. She gets the gun in his bag and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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