May I Come in Madam 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju arguing with Bhupesh and asking him to go and see if Sanjana has come. Bhupesh goes. Sanju calls Sanjana’s cabin number. Bhupesh answers and says madam did not come. Sanju scolds him. Chedi comes and says Sanjana has come. Sanju runs to see her. Bhupesh says I think Sanju got mad, he is strange. Chedi says I feel strange when Sanju does not do anything strange. Sanju goes to meet Sanjana. He sees Sanjana as devi and gets shocked. Sanju greets her. He gets coconut. His imagination ends. She asks whats wrong, what are you doing with paperweight. He says no, I was seeing its weight. She says Papa is giving me headache by strange work. He says Chedi himself is headache. She says mind your tongue, he is my Papa. She asks him to give her a head massage. He gets glad.

She asks him to come, he is getting chance to serve his boss.

Sanju dances happily. She asks what is he doing. He gets nervous. Her phone rings. She gets up and goes. She says wow, party, I m coming, no, I don’t have bikini, which color bikini should I buy. Sanju says red. She says I need privacy, get out. He goes. Sanjana talks to her friend and laughs.

Its night, Sanju and Khiloni drink. Khiloni asks are you in hurry. Sanju says no, I have to see unlucky faces at home. Sanju says I m addicted to madam. Khiloni asks what. Sanju jokes on his looks.

Sanju asks Khiloni to make madam’s mask. He says I will feel I m drinking with madam. Khiloni refuses. Sanju says then leave, can’t you wear a mask for me. Khiloni wears the mask. Sanju says beautiful, when I see madam, I get goosebumps. Khiloni argues. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni says fine, I m madam. He talks as Sanjana. Sanju asks what language are you saying, talk with sophistication and manners.

Khiloni talks as Sanjana. Sanju laughs and says say again. His friend comes and tells Sanju that he did the same thing and his life also got ruined. He says even his friend’s life was ruined. Khiloni gets scared and says I will not wear mask. Sanju asks the man to drink, she is my madam Sanjana. His friend says she is great. Sanju says you will go rehab again, don’t drink much.

Sanju comes home. He asks Kashmira why did she light candles, will I sleep on ground. She says no, we will sleep on rose petals bed. She asks him to dance and talk. She flirts. She apologizes to him. He says I can’t believe this, you are apologizing to me. She says yes, and hugs him. He says I wanted to believe this love madam. She gets angry and says you will not change. He says its slip of tongue, how will a man’s mind work. She asks him to go and talk to madam. She says get out, else Dadi will come. He asks her to throw sheets as well, so that he can sleep on sofa. He goes.

Its morning, Sanju waits for Sanjana near the lift. Sanjana comes. He greets her. She asks him the reason of his smile. He says its result of your love, I mean you behave positive with employees. She asks how can you talk like this, its quite a talent. He says I never have ego by the talent.

Mummy comes to Kashmira’s room and cleans room. Mummy says I have sent the maid so that she does not see this room, all the flowers are down the bed. Kashmira says I have thrown this angrily. Mummy asks when will I get a grandchild, whats the problem. Kashmira says Sanju called me madam, I made Sanju leave. Mummy says yes, anger is natural. Kashmira cleans the room.

Sanjana beats up Sanju. Sanjana tells inspector that Sanju tried to molest her. Inspector jokes on Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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