May I Come in Madam 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana and Kashmira laughing and making fun of Sanju. Kashmira says Sanju looked cute while working. Sanjana says I always find him cute. Kashmira looks at her. Sanjana says I mean helplessly cute, why did you both fight. Kashmira says I tried to romance, he did not respond and we had a fight. Sanjana says that’s call for a revenge, we will teach him a lesson. Sanju hears Kashmira and hides the flour and water. She comes to him. He asks why did you come again. She says I thought to meet you. She clicks his pic. He says no, go home. She goes. He sits kneading flour.

Sanju drinks with Khiloni at night. He says household work is tough, I understood its value now. Kashmira smiles hearing them. Khiloni says you understood this after madam made you work. Kashmira gets

aloo parathas for him. Sanju asks why did you get this. She says you like it right, have it, enjoy. She goes. He says its shapeless parathas. Khiloni shows the paratha and says Kashmira has written your threatening words. Sanju says oh, she is making my paratha. Khiloni eats and says what a tasty one, its great, I wish whoever made this, I should kiss those hands. Sanju slaps him and says I made these parathas in office. He recalls making parathas, and says now I will see them.

Kashmira calls Sanjana. Sanjana says I want to have gajar halwa by Sanju. Kashmira says leave it, Sanju is getting tired. Sanjana says he insulted housewives, its about your respect. Kashmira says don’t torture him more, he started valuing housewives. Sanjana says fine, I will have halwa made by you. Sanju comes to room. Kashmira romances with him.

He gets angry on her. He talks of spices. She asks what are you saying. He says madam made me do household work in office, what shall I do, I don’t understand anything. She thinks what’s this new problem, he has become walking kitchen. He smiles and thinks to teach lesson to Sanjana and Kashmira.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana asks them to prepare jungle for Lalwani’s words. She asks where is your focus. He says I can smell something burning. Bhupesh says you are jealous of all. Sanju says no, I mean of gas. She says this is office, not home. She asks Chedi to get coffee. Sanju asks how much sugar. She says I m telling my dad. Chedi asks him not to take his work. Sanju ends him to get two coffees. Sanju gets a plate and starts grating coconut. She asks what are you doing. He says I m grating coconut for sweets. She says you are in middle of the meeting, why are you doing this. He says I made aloo parathas yesterday, so… She says you won’t do any household work in office hours, we are done with that. He says this is wrong, I realized I have house husband talent inside me, you are refusing me.

She says I m happy for you, show talent outside office. He says fine I will show my talent to the world and become famous chef, I m leaving your job, thanks for inspiring me. He goes. She reacts what……

Sanju goes home. Kashmira asks why did you come early. He says I left office work to do household work, tell me what to make in lunch. She says I will make it, you go office. He says no, I hate office, I will cook. She asks why did you leave job. He says look at my face, I will be famous chef. Sanjana comes there. He asks her what to make and feed her. Kashmira asks Sanjana to see. Sanjana says you have to make jingle for the product. He says I m related to vegs now. She says I can understand you want to do cooking, I want to take resignation letter back and come back to work. He says no, you have awakened the chef inside me, thanks, if you did not make me cut vegs, I would have not known this. Sanjana says you don’t have to thank me, it was a plan, I did this so that you get a lesson.

Kashmira says you did not value my work. Sanjana says sorry, it was our plan. He says you should have explained me, why did you take practical, fine I will hide my talent in heart. Sanjana thanks him. Chedi meets mummy and flirts. A boy comes to them and sees mummy’s pic. Chedi asks what happened. The boy calls her mummy. Chedi asks what. Mummy says no, his mummy would have got lost. The boy says no, you are my mummy, see this pic, my dad gave this, he is Nawab. Chedi looks at her.

Mummy asks Chedi to manage this. Chedi takes the boy with him. Mummy laughs. Sanju drinks with Khiloni. He asks did you see my smart mind, I fooled two women together, I trapped them in their own plan, now they will think to trap me. Khiloni sounds sad and tells of his wife’s tortures. They both sit cutting vegs.

Sanjana says I had a fun time with you, I think I m in love. Sanju gets shocked and thinks is he dreaming again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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