May I Come in Madam 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana telling Sanju that Bua got after her marriage. She says I don’t want to marry, Bua is so eager that I can have sindoor in my maang tomorrow. He says I can’t see this, I mean marriage against your wish. She says I want your help to get out of this. He agrees to help her. She tells her plan. He says I promised and will move back. She says thanks, I will see you tomorrow. Dadi hears Sanju. He calls out Kashmira. Dadi beats him. He explains Dadi what he said Sanjana. She says promise you won’t do anything. He promises her. She slaps him many times.

Its morning, Bua argues with boss and says guy’s family is coming to see Sanjana, I want Sanjana to go from this house soon. He asks her to get his relation fixed too. The guy’s family comes there.

Sanju is the guy in disguise, and Khiloni has become his dad. Kanchan becomes his mum. Kanchan praises Sanju and Khiloni jokes. Sanju fools Bua and acts sweet. Bua asks boss to get water. Boss gets water and gives them.

Boss sees Sanju and drops the water glass. Bua beats boss and says my brother is stupid. Sanju asks Bua to call Sanjana. Bua says she is getting ready, I will call her. Boss asks Sanju why did you get in disguise here. Sanju says this is madam’s plan, we are doing this on her saying, we will fix relation and Bua will go US thinking marriage is fixed, then we will cancel this, I m ready if madam is ready to adjust, sorry.

Bua makes Sanjana ready. Sanjana argues. Bua says I m worried guy will refuse. Sanjana says he will say yes. Bua asks do you know that guy. Sanjana says no, I mean I m very beautiful. Boss says if Bua sees you, she will not leave all of us. Sanju asks him to get juice. He asks Khiloni not to do overacting. Kanchan slaps Khiloni.

Bua asks Sanjana not to talk infront of the guy. Sanjana says fine, I won’t tell anything to Sajan. Bua asks Sajan? Sanjana says I mean my would be husband, my Sajan, go and attend him, I will look best. She says if Bua knows Sanju is my office employee, she will not leave us. Bua says sorry, Sanjana is taking time. Sanju says its fine, Sanjana madam…. Bua asks madam? Khiloni says I taught him good values and he names everyone with madam and Sir. Bua likes his values.

Kanchan says I think our bahu is getting ready. Sanju thinks yes, its fine. He thinks even if its lie, my relation is getting fixed with madam, I m eager to see madam. Mummy and Kashmira come there. Boss flirts with Mummy. Sanju turns away seeing Kashmira. Boss introduces his elder sister. Kashmira and mummy touch her feet. Mummy says you are my elder sister too. Bua says your values are good. Boss says Kashmira is our office employee Sajan’s wife and she is Kashmira’s mummy, Sanjana and Kashmira are great friends, so we have strong friendship.

Bua says see that guy, he has come to marry Sanjana. Kashmira greets Sanju. He drinks water and holds glass infront of his face. He says I m not well. Khiloni says he is thirsty. Kashmira says I have come now and won’t let you have trouble. Bua asks Kashmira to get Sanjana. Mummy sits with Sanju and asks why is he holding glass when water ended. He asks is it necessary that you talk, I mean I like this glass, I will eat this.

Boss tells Bua that Kashmira’s mummy is great singer and dancer. Bua asks why are you praising her. Khiloni asks mummy to sing something. Boss and Bua also sign her. Mummy smiles and sings Phir le aaya dil….. Sanjana comes with Kashmira. Sanju gets mesmerized seeing Sanjana. Sanjana gives him tea. Boss praises mummy’s singing. Bua says you have sung really well.

Bua asks Sanjana why did you not call Kashmira before. Sanjana says I thought I will say after relation gets fixed. Bua says you are right, Kashmira stay with Sanjana after relation gets fixed. Sanju thinks Dadi will beat me. Bua says I think we should leave guy and girl alone, so that they can talk and know each other well. Khiloni says that’s not needed. Sanju stares at him.

Sanjana tells Sanju that you tell them you did not like me and leave with your fake family. Sanju says okay, forgive me, I m still standing with you but……. She says I also regarded you dear but….

Update Credit to: Amena

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