May I Come in Madam 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana calling Sanju. She asks him to confirm about marriage functions. Dadi takes phone and hears her. Sanjana says I was keeping my clothes, the bags is not getting locked, will you get it fixed in morning, are you there. Dadi says its me Dadi. Sanjana gets shocked and says I m fine, how are you. Dadi says I m good, what are you doing. Sanjana says I was going to sleep. Dadi asks her to meet Kashmira.

Sanjana says okay, you also come. Dadi says I will tell Kashmira to take me, does Sanju work well. Sanjana says yes, he is very talented, he writes good jingles. Dadi says if he does not, then tell me, I write great jingles. Sanjana says sure, good night. Dadi tells Sanju that you got saved from getting beaten up. Sanju says thanks, I will never forget this.

Dadi says good night and sleeps. Sanju hears her snores.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana and greets her. She says I don’t like your coming late. He says I forgot my purse at home and went back home. She says I hope you got everything. He says yes, I forgot tickets at home. She says I hope you will not forget me. He says impossible. She says thanks, are you sure. He says yes. He says I forgot your name. She asks him to get out. His imagination ends. She says fine, calm down, we will pick up tickets from your home, go and resume your work, you are late.

Sanjana gets her bag and looks for Sanju. Sanju hides seeing her and thinks of Khiloni’s idea to lie to Sanjana that marriage broke. He calls Khiloni and asks where are you, its going to be night, come soon, else I will not leave you. Sanjana asks Sanju why are you late, we will pick up tickets and leave. Bua and Boss also come. They say we are coming along to enjoy marriage.

Sanju scolds boss. Chedi wears goggles and shows boss’ attitude to Sanju. Boss says Sanjana is invited with family, I will go Patna, do you have any problem. Sanju says no, I have problem with Chedi. Chedi says I will come with you. Bua scolds Sanju. Sanju says I will call Bhupesh and he will get tickets here, we will leave from here. Sanjana says I m saying simple time management, if your house is on the way, we will collect tickets and go. Sanju thinks where is Khiloni.

Khiloni comes there and cries. He hugs Sanju. Sanju asks what happened. Khiloni says everything ended, and boss guesses disasters. Khiloni says I can’t show my face to anyone now. Bua asks him to say what happened. Khiloni says my sister’s marriage got cancelled. They get shocked. Boss says no, this can’t happen, tell me it’s a lie. Khiloni says its true, why are you crying. Boss says I thought to loot money in baraat. Sanju scolds him and says Khiloni’s sister’s marriage broke and you are saying about you. Khiloni says now my sister’s marriage will never happen. Sanjana asks how did it break. Khiloni tells about financial problem, what will happen now. Sanjana says don’t cry, ask your to book hall, I will handle the expenses. Sanju and Khiloni look at each other. Sanju says no madam, this is not possible, you don’t know his dad, he has very self esteem, you leave this hope, this marriage won’t happen now. Boss says fine, call groom’s family here, madam will do arrangements. Sanjana agrees.

Bua says if I knew before, I would have called groom’s family here. Sanju says I will talk to Khiloni’s dad, don’t make any plans. Sanjana says fine try, all the best. Sanju says we will keep Patna plan on hold, I will get tickets cancelled. She agrees.

Sanju and Khiloni drink at night. Sanju jokes on Khiloni’s mind. Khiloni says wine ended. Sanju argues for wine. The vendor gets the wine and kababs for them. Sanju asks Khiloni why did he not make good excuse, like any relative or you died. Khiloni says good idea, but this would mean I died. Sanju says yes, I m eating this kabab, see what I do now.

Sanju comes home and sees Kashmira sleeping. He rests to sleep. Dadi comes and coughs. He asks Kashmira to go and have cough syrup. Dadi catches him. He asks what happened, why did you come. She says don’t worry, I did not come to beat you today, but to speak out my heart. He jokes. She slaps. She asks him to listen to her, there is a new guy, he reminded me of my friend, I got married, don’t know about him. He says maybe he died, he can’t meet you if went to heaven as you went to …. She says we were soul mater. He says now its just soul now. She says we used to enjoy a lot. She slaps him on his silly questions. She says listen silently, we used to take animals to bath. He sleeps and snores. She gets angry and says he slept, I m telling my stories to him, I will go.

Khiloni tells Sanjana that his grand dad is serious. Sanjana asks Sanju what will happen now. Sanju says marriage can’t happen now. Sanjana says I m thinking to meet Khiloni’s grandpa, I will get elder’s love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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