May I Come in Madam 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tillu and Sanju arguing. Sanju agrees to go as Tillu’s wife. Tillu and Sanju come home and meet everyone. Tillu asks Sanju to touch mummy’s feet and take blessings. Kashmira asks did we meet anywhere. Bhupesh hugs Tillu. Tillu asks Sanju to hug Bhupesh. Sanju says he always jokes. Kashmira asks why did you come late. Mummy says we waited a lot, food got cold. Tillu and Sanju sit for dinner. Kashmira says I will heat food. Mummy says no need. Kashmira asks when did you meet Tillu. Sanju says evening, he threatened me and asked me to come along. He laughs and says I m joking.

She asks Tillu to say about their first meet. Tillu says I remember that day, we met at veg stall. Bhupesh asks did she sell vegs. Tillu says no, she came to buy vegs, I liked her. Sanju asks

them to have dinner. Bhupesh says we will take selfie. They take selfie.

Sanjana complains to inspector about kidnapper. She says someone kidnapped Sanju. Inspector says maybe he is our competition. Constable gets Khiloni and says I found him unconscious outside. Khiloni wakes up and greets Sanjana. He says someone has hit stone at me. Inspector asks him why is he dressed as woman. Khiloni says it was Sanju’s plan. Inspector says we will find him and ask.

Sanju says we will leave now. Bhupesh jokes. Kashmira slaps him. She asks Tillu and Sanju to stay back. Sanju says we decided just till dinner. Tillu asks her to stay for some time. He calls her jija ji. Sanju says mad and slaps him. She says he means he wants to meet Sanju. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju. Sanju slaps him.

Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Tillu asks Kashmira to send mummy and Bhupesh to mental hospital, they will get perfect, stay here at night, Sanju will come in morning, come. She takes Sanju. Tillu relaxes. Kashmira and Sanju have a talk. Tillu asks mummy where did Bhupesh go. Mummy says he went in party. Khiloni, Sanjana and inspector come home.

Kashmira asks Khiloni what happened, where is Sanju. Sanjana says he is with you. Kashmira sees Sanju. Sanjana asks what’s happening here. Kashmira asks were you at Sanjana’s house, tell me. Mummy asks how did Sanju become Tillu’s wife. Sanju says I came as Tillu’s wife. Khiloni says I said this was your plan. Sanju says I can’t tell everything this way, we got a news about serial kidnapper, madam was alone at home, it was about all women.

Sanju tells inspector that he got all details what he does, so I asked him to roam as woman, as he kidnaps beautiful women, Khiloni looks ugly, kidnapped will kidnap me and we will catch him. He asks Sanjana to say. Sanjana says yes. He thanks her. He says we did this to catch kidnapper. He justifies and says I m not so selfish to forget my duty. Khiloni says wow, such a smart man, I m proud of you. Inspector asks who has hit Khiloni. Tillu signs Sanju. Sanju says no one, Khiloni is drunkard. He gets angry and tells everything about Tillu. He says Tillu’s wife has run away, so I helped him. Tillu cries. Inspector gets a call and says now don’t worry, kidnapper is caught. Sanjana says we will meet in office. Kashmira says I did not think Sanju thinks so much for others. Tillu acts mad. He hits his head. Kashmira calms him and asks Sanju to do something, stay as hiss wife tonight, we will send him tomorrow. Tillu hugs him.

Sanjana says Sanju has become prince. Sanju scolds Chedi and tells about his family traditions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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