May I Come in Madam 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana meeting Kashmira and mummy. She compliments mummy’s saree. Sanjana tells Kashmira that she needs to say something important. Kashmira asks what, about Sanju’s affair. Sanjana says no. Kashmira asks about past life story. Sanjana says I want to talk to Johny. Mummy asks why. Kashmira says I want to help you, but Dadi is not coming these days. Sanjana asks why. They tell what Sanju did and insulted Dadi. Sanjana says please get Dadi back. Kashmira says I also get excitement when Dadi comes.

Mummy asks Sanjana to ask her Papa about her life’s excitement. Sanjana asks Kashmira to think about Dadi and goes. Kashmira asks mummy whats all this. Mummy jokes. Sanju meets Sanjana at office. He tells about going to Bakshi’s house. She says I need Kashmira’s

Dadi to communicate with Johny. He thinks why did she run with me then. She says I want to know Johny’s point and give him a chance, get Dadi abck, else I will take your job. She asks him to get out.

At night, Sanju tries hard to get Dadi back. He scolds Kashmira so that Dadi comes and says I will insult you, and Dadi will come. Bhupesh asks will you insult Kashmira. Mummy says Sanju has nature to insult everyone. Sanju insults them. He says bad to Kashmira. She drinks water and coughs. He says Dadi has come. She says no, I just coughed and scolds Sanju. Sanju continues to make Kashmira angry. Kashmira fumes and slaps Sanju. She says I can’t bear this and goes. Sanju asks Dadi to come. Sanju calls Sanjana and says I tried hard, Dadi did not come, I got Dadi’s fav food and insulted Kashmira, she did not come. Sanjana says try harder, you are hopeless, you just wear Tony’s costume, I will come there.

Sanjana in Julie’s getup meets Sanju in Tony’s getup. She asks him to romance with her. He says I was always ready. She asks Kashmira to be ready. Sanjana and Sanju romance. Kashmira says I m annoyed. Sanjana asks Kashmira to let them concentrate in their acting. They continue acting. He sings Julie Julie…… Johny comes there and they all get shocked seeing him.

Johny asks Julie what is she doing here. She asks why did you come. Johny says Tony, you snatched my Julie, I will not leave you. He twists Sanju’s neck. Sanjana asks Johny to stop it. Kashmira gets angry. Dadi comes there and scolds Johny. She asks him to forget old things. Johny says I won’t forget. Dadi asks him not to get after Tony, he is Julie’s true love.

Johny says this can’t happen, I m her true love, I feel alone without Julie. Dadi says I have a cheap character ghost friend, she wants to ruin people’s house with a ghost, shall I talk to her about you. He says fine. Dadi says but on one condition, you won’t trouble Tony and Julie. He agrees. She says fine, I promise. He leaves Sanju. Johny asks Julie to be with Tony and goes. Sanju says Johny has gone. Sanjana says calm down, we can all see that, Dadi thanks a lot. Mummy tells Sanju that all this happened because of Dadi, whom he insulted and made her leave. Sanju apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks Sanju to come and kisses his forehead.

Its morning, Sanju greets Sanjana at office and gives some file. She says I m getting bored, I want to do something exciting. He says no and hides. She laughs.

Khiloni tells everyone that Sanju got head injury. He loses his memory and calls Sanjana as Shaalu, his fiancée. Kashmira says I m your wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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