May I Come in Madam 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju being on the way and talking to Kashmira. He meets his old friend and hugs him. He says I did not see you since long, I heard your GF has run away, did you take her and run away. His friend says no, she has run away with someone else, I was in rehab. Sanju asks why, you never had wine. The man says I was addicted to the girl. Sanju asks are you mad, she left you and you were addicted to her. The man says yes, I used to see her everywhere. Sanju asks what. The man says it was limit, I hugged my dad thinking its her, my dad left home, then my brother left me in rehab, a doctor made me fine, I can hug even friends well now. Sanju says strange, I m hearing this for the first time.

Sanju asks him to come some day and drink with him and Khiloni. The man agrees

and leaves. Sanju comes home and asks Kashmira to take the vegs. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana instead Kashmira. He says madam you…. Kashmira shouts Sanju, did you see madam in me, shall I call Dadi. He makes excuses. She asks him to go and have food. He says fine, I will freshen up and come.

Sanju argues with mummy and Bhupesh. Kashmira says calm down, I made your fav dal makhani. Sanju tastes the dish and likes it. She smiles. He takes Sanjana’s name again. She gets angry. He says I was joking. Bhupesh jokes. Sanju goes to sleep. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana. He goes out to see her. Sanjana greets him. He touches her and sees she is really there. He says you here at night, if anyone sees you, it will be bad.

She asks him to answer her questions truly. He says fine. She says I get a strange feeling, look at me. He says I also feel the same. She says it means you find me fat. He says I did not say that. She says I came to ask you, I m going in party. He says I mean you look beautiful. She laughs. Sanju’s imagination ends and he is with mummy. Mummy screams. Bhupesh says mummy got saved. Kashmira comes. Mummy asks Sanju why was he suffocating her. Sanju says you are mistaken. Kashmira asks did you wish to kill mummy. Sanju says no, are you mad. Bhupesh says you don’t lie now.

Sanju says I saw a bad dream that mummy died. Kashmira says whats bad, age gets increased. Sanju says that’s why its bad, I came to check her. Mummy argues. Sanju makes excuses. He says don’t worry, sleep now, your age got high. He thinks whats happening, how can I see madam. He goes. He does shaving and sees Sanjana. He cuts his cheek and screams. He says I got addicted to madam.

Sanju goes office and wears Sanjana’s fav color shirt. He waits for Sanjana. Sanjana comes. Sanju gets glad seeing her. Ladki beautiful….plays……….. Chedi comes to him and asks Sanju why is he calling him madam. Chedi says Sanjana has gone to repair the glasses. Sanju scolds him. He angrily slaps liftman.

Mummy gets a little boy and says he was crying in friend’s house, he got quiet in my lap. She taunts Kashmira. Kashmira gets irritated. Mummy plays with the boy.

Sanjana asks Sanju to serve him and use the chance. Sanju dances and goes to Sanjana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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