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May I Come in Madam 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with boss getting shocked seeing Golu missing. Sanju says I think Golu is here, and mummy is with him. He runs to boss and scolds him and mummy. Sanju asks boss where is Golu. Boss asks Mummy is Golu playing outside. She says no, he is lost. Boss and Sanju get shocked. She says that’s why I m crying, don’t know who has stolen Golu. Sanjana and Riya talk. Riya asks where is Sanju, is Golu fine, tell me. Sanjana says fine, Golu is lost. Riya gets dizzy. Sanju, boss and mummy come there. Sanju holds Riya. Riya slaps him for touching her. He says I was just holding you as you were fainting. Sanjana says he is Sanju, he lost Golu. Riya slaps Sanju.

Sanju tells Sanjana that boss has stolen Golu from him. Sanjana asks why did he do this. Boss apologizes and says you praised

Sanju and insulted me that I can’t take care of babies, so I did this, forgive me. Sanjana says fine, where is Golu. Boss says Golu is lost. Sanjana calls him irresponsible. Riya faints. Sanju holds him. Riya slaps Sanju and says I will call police now. Kashmira comes and says no need, baby is here. Riya takes Golu and leaves. Sanju thanks Kashmira. Kashmira says I had doubt on mummy, so I called her and heard Golu crying. She then reaches the address and sees Golu. She sees mummy dancing and takes baby.

Sanju says its good that your doubting nature got beneficial, you would have told me. Kashmira says I wanted to teach lesson to mummy and boss. Boss says I understood, I will rectify my mistake by managing my kids. He flirts with mummy. She gets shy and runs.

Later, Bhupesh goes to Sanjana and tells something. She asks what shall I do. Bhupesh talks to her. Sanju sees Bhupesh leaving and goes to Sanjana. She asks why are you crying. Sanjana says Bhupesh has teased me. Sanju asks why. She asks what do you mean, am I not beautiful. He says ofcourse you are, but I can’t say, I m in limits. She says Bhupesh crossed limits and whistled seeing me, he held my hand too. He says enough, else I will kill him, you fire him from job. She says no, he will tease me more, I want you to take revenge. He agrees.

She gives him a knife. He gets shocked and asks what, I just said in anger that I will kill Bhupesh. She says I don’t want you to kill Bhupesh, just threaten him so that he does not repeat this mistake. He says don’t worry, I m here, I will scare him. he says I know you will use this knife right. He imagines and she asks him go to Bhupesh.

Sanju goes to Bhupesh and beats him, asking how dare you tease Sanjana. Bhupesh asks why. Sanju says I m her fav employee. Bhupesh says I will tell Kashmira, no one can save you from Dadi. Sanju says you should keep office matters in office. Bhupesh asks why are you angry if I teased madam. Sanju says she is my boss, how dare you. Bhupesh says you are crossing limit. Sanju says you crossed limit, I m saying for last time. Bhupesh says I have seen such knives. He tries to take knife and gets stabbed by Sanju. Sanju gets shocked. Bhupesh asks what did you do, what will you tell Kashmira now. Sanjana comes and asks Sanju what did he do, you stabbed Bhupesh.

Sanju says I don’t know, how it happened. She checks Bhupesh and says he is dead. Sanju tries to wake up Bhupesh. She says its my mistake. He says I will go to jail. She says I have an idea, we will hide Bhupesh in my cabin, then we will bury him in your house’s backyard.

Sanju asks why, anywhere else is fine. Sanjana says no, we can keep an eye on him. Sanju goes to hide knife. Bhupesh thanks Sanjana and says Sanju was teasing me, thanks for teaching lesson to Sanju.

Sanju gets Bhupesh in burqa. A man comes and they lie to him. Bhupesh slaps the man. The man says she is woman and ill, but how can she slap me, I won’t come again. Sanju looks at Bhupesh. Sanjana says relax, that man is mad. Sanju checks Bhupesh.

Sanju comes home and is sad. Kashmira asks about Bhupesh. Sanju says madam has sent him out of station. She says girls’ family is coming to see Bhupesh. He says atleast let him be happy. She says bhupesh always praises you, he loves you. Sanju gets shocked and cries. Kashmira says you love him so much. Sanju says I did big mistake. She says its okay, when he comes back, hug him and say sorry. He thinks who to apologize now.

Sanju digs soil and Dadi comes. Dadi slaps him and asks what are you doing here at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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