May I Come in Madam 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying the jingle about pepper spray. Sanjana says its amazing. Sanju thanks her and says I did not feel proud of my talent. She says I can see your future very bright, when will you do something for me. He asks what, I can do anything for you, just say what do I have to do. She says I want to have some fun, some enjoyment. He asks shall we go out, or shall I dance here. She says outdoor. He asks do you know any place. She says I was thinking of Patna, Bua found a proposal for me and I m thinking to go with you to Patna and attend some marriage, I will like the marriage functions. He says but it will be costly to arrange that setup, I mean ticket fare is high, what will you do going there, you will get bored, its village marriage.

She says you will be with

me. He nods. She says I don’t want to get trapped in this relation, else I will fire you from job, so just book my tickets. Sanju says whats happening, my shot arrows are coming back to me.

Mummy massages Kashmira’s head. Kashmira says Amla oil is good. Mummy jokes. She goes to get the oil bottle. Boss calls mummy. Kashmira answers the call. Boss says your voice is so sweet like bhajan sound. Kashmira says its me. He says I thought its Ramwati, where is she. She says she went to get oil. He asks her not to say like this. She explains. Mummy comes with oil bottle and asks whose call is it. Mummy takes the phone.

Boss flirts with mummy. He asks did you get to know about marriage. She asks whom is he marrying. He says its about Khiloni’s sister’s marriage in Patna. She says I know, what can I do. He says we can go along Sanju and Sanjana, we can see the marriage functions and enjoy. He asks her not to refuse. She says I want to go as well, I will talk to Kashmira. He says fine, till then I will dream. She ends call and goes to Kashmira.

She tells Kashmira about Sanjana and Sanju going to Patna, and Chedi ji was asking if we are coming. Kashmira thinks. Sanju is at Khiloni’s chemist shop and drinks. He tells about Sanjana’s problem. Khiloni calls him a cheap friend. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni argues. Sanju says fine, you say more, I have no one to share my pain. Khiloni says I m here, get your anger out on me. Sanju asks sure. Khiloni says yes. Sanju slaps him hard.

An ill man comes and asks for cough medicine. Khiloni gives sleeping pills and says your cough will end if you sleep. The man asks why did you open medical store. Khiloni argues with him. Sanju asks him to get lost. He asks Khiloni to treat his illness, tell me how to stop Sanjana from going to Patna. Khilonu says just tell Sanjana that marriage broke and program cancel. Sanju calls him genius and says you come office and give this news to madam, it will look authentic. Khiloni agrees to come. Sanju says thanks, you are my true friend.

Kashmira and Mummy pack the clothes. Bhupesh says I will marry if any girl likes me there. Mummy sings. Sanju asks Mummy not to sing. Kashmira says we are going in Khiloni’s sister’s marriage. He asks when did you decide. She says after Sanjana decided. Sanju asks them to unpack the bags, I have bad news, Khiloni’s sister’s marriage got cancelled. Bhupesh asks how. Sanju says when you started packing, it got cancelled, I don’t know reason. Kashmira and mummy ask how did it get cancel. Sanju says groom….. and stammers. Mummy says he will lie now, he is stammering. Sanju cooks up a story. Kashmira asks are you saying true. Sanju asks what shall I do, if you all are asking reason, shall I ask Khiloni about the guy’s GF and hurt his wounds. Mummy asks does humanity end for you when it comes to us. Sanju says humanity is for humans, make them leave, I m going to bathroom.

Bhupesh tells mummy that Sanju called you devil. Kashmira asks Mummy to go out, else Sanju will come without towel. Mummy laughs and goes.

Dadi comes in Kashmira and slaps Sanju. He asks Dadi, why did you come. Dadi says can’t I come here. He says none can stop you. She asks why were you going to Patna. He says for Khiloni’s sister’s marriage. She asks were you going Bangkok. He says why will I go, I can’t go there, I don’t have money. She says call Khiloni and start speaker. He says he would have slept. She slaps him. He calls Khiloni and puts on speaker.

Khiloni asks why did you call now, whats the problem. Sanju says problem came, I miss you, we were going to Patna. Khiloni says we were going to Bangkok… Sanju says we were planning to do your sister’s Bidaai. Khiloni asks which sister, are you still drunk. Dadi stares at Sanju. Sanju says are you mad, I know you are in shock, we all are with you, we will do your sister’s many marriages. Dadi slaps Sanju. Sanju says I mean we will find good guy, we are with you, Dadi is with me, she is blessing me, I told her your story. Khiloni greets Dadi and says my sister should get NRI guy. Sanju says Dadi heard it on speaker, sleep now. Khiloni says Dadi ji I love you and ends call. Sanju asks Dadi is she sure of her white character now. Dadi says fine, if you do anything, I will not leave you.

Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to repair her bag. Dadi says its me Dadi. Sanjana greets her. Dadi slaps Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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