May I Come in Madam 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju says will mummy run away in this age, she will be kidnapped. Kashmira reads letter. Sanjana says maybe mummy is joking. Sanju says this can’t be joke. Kashmira says its not mummy’s writing, do something. Sanju goes and calls Boss. Chedi says you are returning our money today. Sanju says I have to go and find mummy. Chedi asks why. Sanju says she is kidnapped. Chedi says what. Sanju says just pray that kidnappers don’t ask much ransom, else how will I pay. Chedi asks him to save his life, don’t worry, just inform me, I will help you. Sanju says no problem, I will handle kidnappers.

Sanju ends call and says you will help. Kashmira cries. Sanjana says aunty ji will come back, I will get her. Kashmira asks how. Sanjana says I know a police officer,

he will find aunty in 2mins. Sanju says I have seen movies, angry kidnappers hurt person. Kashmira cries. Sanjana asks whats wrong with you, you are scaring her. Kashmira says we should not inform police. Sanju and Khiloni meet mummy in godown.

Sanju asks does she want food or something. He asks who will pay ransom for you. Mummy says you know well, call Chedi ji. Sanju says we will call later, let uncle get restless for aunty.

Chedi makes mummy’s portrait. Sanju calls Khiloni and says call Chedi after 3mins. He goes to Sanjana and Chedi. Chedi asks him to come fast, tell me did you find about your mummy. Sanju says its bad news. Chedi cries. Sanjana calms him and says sorry for your loss Sanju. Sanju says not that bad news, she is alive as of now. Chedi gets Khiloni’s call. Mummy talks to him and says I get shy hearing your name. Chedi asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks where are you. She says they are asking 11 lakhs, give it to them. He asks what. Sanjana takes call and asks for kidnapper. Sanjana says kidnapping senior citizen is a crime, I will complaint against you and not leave you. Khiloni ends call.

Sanju says you threatened kidnappers. Sanjana says that’s way to deal with them, they will return mummy, else I m sure you will not be so sorrowful, don’t behave like you love her. Chedi says but I do. Sanjana goes. Chedi says I feel its wrong. Sanju says I m afraid wrong can happen with her, she is with goons. Chedi says nothing will happen, you can pay money, you have my 10 lakhs. Sanju says madam will get annoyed, you have more money, give it from your money. Chedi agrees to pay.

Kashmira cries. Sanju comes and says Chedi is paying ransom money, now your mummy will come home. She gets glad. He asks her to make tea. Dadi comes with tea. She says I know you kidnapped your mummy, very good, she has troubled me a lot, don’t get her back home, else I will not leave you, enjoy your tea. He says understood.

Its morning, Sanju asks Khiloni to free mummy, Dadi said if I leave mummy, she will not leave me, we will make her run away and show she has beaten us and ran. They free mummy. Mummy asks why are they freeing her. Sanju says you are free, go home, tell them that we did not free you, you have beaten us and ran away. Mummy says I will not go home empty hand. Sanju asks is this your bidaai, shall I give you shagun. She says I will go on one condition, give me half money of ransom.

Khiloni says she knows business. Sanju says Chedi is miser, he will not pay ransom. She says he can give money for me. Sanju says please, go from here, beat us and go. Chedi comes there with money and meets Mummy. Sanju asks how did you come, how did you get address. Chedi says policeman is my friend and traced your phone. Sanjana comes with inspector. She asks Chedi what is he doing here, did he come to free aunty by giving money. Chedi says no, I was requesting goon to leave her, he is also human. Sanjana says don’t call them humans. Sanju says yes, beat us and take this aunty. Sanjana says we will take you to jail. Sanju says beat us and take money also.

Bhupesh comes with money and says I got to pay 10 lakhs. Sanju says this is my money, which got stolen. Bhupesh says this is Sanju’s bag, not yours. Sanju removes mask. They get shocked. Sanjana says you kidnapped mummy. Sanju says 10 lakhs got stolen and I did all this to arrange money, I did not know Bhupesh is thief. Bhupesh says you called me thief and I wanted to teach you lesson. Sanjana says I m speechless. She asks Sanju how can he plan all this. Sanju says don’t scold me alone, scold everyone. She says not a bad idea, I will make everyone do now. They all do situps.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana and hears her screaming in anger. She is very angry and wants ideas for ad films. He says I will think. She says I forgot there is talented man who can give me ideas. She asks him to show him a walk. He gets shy and smiles. She hits him with dart arrow and laughs. He screams. She says I got my idea. He asks why did you punish me. She says its small arrow, you can bear this for me.

Sanju dances with Sanjana on kem che…….song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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