May I Come in Madam 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju imagining Bhupesh in trouble. He acts royal. The man asks Bhupesh about his work. Sanju says we don’t work under anyone, we are landlord. The man says I want Komal and Bhupesh to talk in private. Komal finds Bhupesh cute. He asks her to call him honey. She says there is much time for it. He asks shall I kiss you. She says no, I want to see if I should marry you or not. She beats him up. She says you are very strong and kisses him.

The man asks Khiloni to add less sugar next time. He asks why did anyone not come from his family. Kashmira say everyone went out. Bhupesh and Komal come. The man asks her did she like Bhupesh. She smiles. Chedi says we knew none can dislike Bhupesh. The man says none can reject my Komal, else I will kill him, I m joking. Bhupesh

says Komal left an impression on me. The man says congrats and hugs them. He asks Chedi to do tilak to Komal. He cuts his thumb and makes him do tilak to Komal. Chedi screams. Mummy says I have to talk about engagement.

Sanjana comes there. She gets shocked seeing her ex. Kashmira asks her how was her friend’s marriage. Sanjana asks what. Kashmira introduces Komal and her brother Durjan. She says this is Sanjana, Sanju’s sister. Sanju gets shocked and says she is not my sister. Kashmira says don’t get annoyed if she came late.

The man/Durjan says you never said you are his sister. Sanjana goes. Sanju goes after her. Durjan laughs. Sanjana asks Sanju what’s happening here. Sanju says I m very angry. She says why did Kashmira make me your sister. Sanju says she will get sin, she could have made you anything. She says I don’t want to see his face, now I have to bear him.

He says I don’t want to bear him but Bhupesh wants to marry Komal. She says I don’t know what to do. He says Kashmira cheated me, and thinks you are my life. He says you are my boss and can’t be my sister. She says my time is going bad, that man is coming close when I want to go away. He says I will not let him come close. She holds him and says thank God you are there to bear my problems. Kashmira comes and shouts. Sanjana asks why did you involve me. Kashmira says I m a sister and doing this for Bhupesh. Sanju argues with her.

Sanjana says I want to go home, that idiot should not know where I stay. Kashmira asks her to stay with them. Sanju asks her to stay for Bhupesh. Komal comes to Bhupesh. She says I want to take your test. Chedi flirts with Ramwati. Komal beats Bhupesh. He shouts. Mummy/Ramwati hears him and runs to see. She sees him fallen on ground and makes him get up. Komal hides and looks on. Bhupesh says a Chudail has beaten me up. Mummy says everything will get fine after marriage. Bhupesh worries.

Sanju and Khiloni have a talk while drinking. Sanju says Kashmir made Sanjana my sister. Khiloni says she wants to make Sanjana away. Durjan comes and sits with them. He drinks with Sanju. Khiloni fans air to him.

Sanju dances with Sanjana on Aaja aaja….. Durjan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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