May I Come in Madam 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with mummy meeting boss. She asks him did he get the baby, and why is he hiding. He says what to do, baby was crying seeing my face. He asks where were you, I was waiting for you. She says she got ready for him and took much time. He says fine, first pacify the baby, I will wait, sing some good lullaby. She sings Inhi logon ne…………..They dance. He says baby also got quiet, your voice has magic. She asks why did he steal baby. She says to take revenge for my insult, Sanjana told Sanju that I can’t keep baby, I m careless man, just Sanju is baby expert, when Sanjana knows Sanju lost the baby, I will give Golu to Sanjana and become hero. She says you are still hero in my eyes. He flirts with her and they laugh.

Sanjana goes to office and calls out Sanju. Sanju

comes with towel wrap/fake doll and greets her. She asks why is Golu crying. He says because of distance. She says how sweet, I did not know he will miss me. He says he is crying to get away from me, see I told him you will be with madam, he is crying. She says what rubbish, he is little baby, how will he understand. He says its emotions. She asks how are you doing this. He says Golu, you will stay with me all day. Golu laughs. She says great, how did you manage. He says by mobile help, I mean I watched baby care videos all night. She says I feel guilty, give him to me. He says I will just come.

Sanju calls Kashmira and asks did she get baby. She says no. He says madam will not leave me. She asks why did he get baby home. He says sorry, save me this time. She says mummy went out, I will go with Bhupesh. Peon knocks the door and asks Sanju to come out fast. Sanjana comes there. Peon says I have problem in ear, I can’t hear Golu crying. She says Sanju is managing Golu well. Sanju comes with doll. Peon asks why is Golu not crying. Sanju says he is sleeping and scolds him. peon wears goggles and turns to boss.

Boss asks Sanju why is he misbehaving with peon. Sanju says peon was misbehaving and asking for Golu. Boss asks for Golu. Sanjana asks whats your problem, you can’t manage baby. Boss says I want to see baby’s face. Sanjana asks Sanju to give Golu to boss. Sanju plays crying tone and says Golu does not want to go to boss. Sanjana says fine. Boss says I will expose Sanju. He makes Sanju slip. The doll falls and Sanjana gets shocked seeing the doll instead Golu.

Sanjana asks whats this Sanju. Sanju says I got doll for Golu. Bossscolds him and asks where is Golu. Sanju says Golu got lost at night. Sanajana asks what, you lost Golu. Boss says you take care of babies well, you are expert, how did you lose Golu. Sanjana says find him fast. Sanju says I will find him, don’t worry. Boss says we will file FIR. Sanju runs.

Boss calls mummy and says I have exposed Sanju, did Golu trouble you. She says I have experience of managing four children. He says I will ask some questions, just say yes. Sanju runs and gets slapped by Golu’s mum. He gets shocked and says she is Golu’s mum, she is dangerous, I have to find Golu.

Sanjana welcomes Golu’s mum/her friend Riya. Riya asks for Golu and asks Sanjana to call Golu. Sanjana says Golu was crying, so I asked employee to take Golu out. Boss says he is decent man, he manages babies well. Sanjana says yes, Sanju will get Golu. Boss says even Sanju will be scared, if he loses Golu, he will lose job too. She scolds boss and says I will burn this office if my Golu goes missing. Sanjana says just avoid him, he is joking. Riya says call him, I want to see Golu. Boss says I will call fire ambulance, she will burn the office. Sanjana calls Sanju and says I was calling Kashmira and others.

Sanjana threatens him of police and asks him to get Golu fast. He says I m trying. Sanjana tells Riya that Sanju took Golu to park. Sanju calls Khiloni and asks him to find Golu. Boss comes out talking to mummy about baby. Sanju hears him and thinks did boss/peon Chedi did this with him. He sits in boss’ car and goes. Riya says Sanju did not come till now. Sanjana calls Sanju.

Sanjana asks him when is he coming, Riya is asking me many questions, what do I answer. Sanju says I m trying to find answers, I m facing problems. She says whatever, get Golu in 30mins, else police will take you. Boss goes to meet mummy, and asks her why is she crying. Sanju comes there and gets shocked.

Sanju scolds mummy and boss, and asks where is Golu. Boss asks mummy where is Golu. She says Golu is lost, don’t know who has stolen Golu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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