May I Come in Madam 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying Sanjana has told me that she is there if my divorce happens. He imagines Sanjana and his wedding night. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………..plays……. he lifts her ghunghat and she smiles. The floral decorations fall. He comes out of his fantasy.

Sanju asks Bhupesh about the match. He sits watching tv. Kashmira asks him to repair laptop. Sanju says tomorrow morning, its night now. Mummy says this morning won’t come. Sanju taunts her. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to check pic in his phone, it also has internet. She slaps him. He asks why this. She says you should have told this before foolish, give phone. Sanju asks for password. Bhupesh taunts him and argues as Sanju kept cheap password too. Sanju sees match and throws the phone to break it, shouting

out. They get shocked. Bhupesh asks what did you do. Sanju says player got out, I have thrown in excitement. Mummy says he did this intentionally. Sanju says no, I will get new phone for Bhupesh. Kashmira asks for his phone, it was internet too right. Sanju worries.

Sanjana calls him and he goes to attend call. He goes to washroom and talks to her. She says your voice is echoing. He says I m in bathroom. She says I think you do everything in bathroom, none of my concern, congrats, your pic got many likes, don’t be ashamed, my dad is with you in pic in girls’ costume, he is not shy. He says your dad does not have wife, I have problems. She says don’t be scared and jokes on him. She ends call.

Sanju calls peon and requests him to come home, so that he shows Kashmira the truth. He tells Kashmira that he will show her a pic, first understand, don’t get angry. He shows pic and she gets shocked seeing him with a girl. He says relax, its not girl, he is office peon. She goes out to mummy and says I got ruined. She asks Sanju since when is this going on. Mummy says I told you, Sanju is mean. Sanju says he is peon, I called him here in same getup.

Kishore comes there and says my wife came here. Sanju says she does not come here. Kishore says I have full doubt, I want to catch her. Sanju runs seeing Dadi. Kishore says coward has run away. He sees Dadi and says Chanchal, you cheated me, don’t hide face now, don’t tell to anyone. He goes to her and gets shocked seeing Dadi’s face. Dadi laughs and beats him a lot.

Peon comes there and Kishore falls there. Kishore asks him to run away. Peon sees Dadi. She turns into Kashmira. She asks who are you. Sanju says he is the one, whose pic you saw with me. Kashmira scolds peon. Peon says I m a man. Kashmira gets his wig and throws it. Sanju says he is my office peon and boss, Sanjana made him my model and shot pics. Kashmira says sorry, Dadi did not give me chance to say. Peon asks for his mummy. Sanju asks him to go. Peon goes. Mummy says Dadi came and beaten up Kishore, Bhupesh got saved today. A girl comes and asks is this Sajan’s home. He gets worried.

Later, Sanju goes to office. Sanjana says I want a book, lift me in my arms and I will get that book. He lifts her and she takes the book. Music plays…. She asks what are you doing, I want that book. He asks how shall I get that. She asks will you lift me, you get it yourself.

He fails to get the book. She says its fine, sit. She says I observed, you look very troubled in life. He says yes. She asks where is the pain. He says everywhere. She asks does wife fight a lot. He says no comments and cries. She asks are you crying. He says all my life has leakages. She says don’t worry, I m here to make you do yoga, yoga is great stress buster. She says I want to take your hand in my hand. He gives his hand. Music plays………..

She gives him keys and says hotel room, just you and me. He laughs. She asks what are you thinking, I m a palmist, give me your hand. His hand shakes. She asks him to calm down. She says you are frustrated in life, you did not love in life as you thought, so you think to get love. He says you can say that. She says don’t worry, I m here. He looks at her.

Sanju says I m good swimmer. Sanjana says I have done horse riding, but not boat riding, you will teach me swimming. He thinks I get scared seeing water and does not know swimming, what will I teach her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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