May I Come in Madam 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khiloni asking Sanju to make drink fast. Sanju says it should be enjoyed. Khiloni says I went home late and my wife got angry. Sanju asks him to get lost. Kashmira comes and scolds Sanju. She asks him why did he not get vegs. Sanju says Birju got unwell and tells foolish story. Khiloni welcomes Sanju to rat club. Sanju asks what can I do, Kashmira and everyone made me a dog, what shall I do of this life. Khiloni says there is a solid idea, we are planning to go Bangkok, you also come along, its much fun.

Sanju gets glad. Khiloni asks him to come. Sanju agrees to come to Bangkok. He says I will tell anything to Kashmira, but problem is of madam, I will make some excuse and get leave. Khiloni asks what will I do. Sanju asks him to make peg.

Its morning,

Sanju comes to office and meets Sanjana. Sanju says I need to talk to you. Sanjana says I know, you can handle the problems, don’t come to me for this. Sanju says actually, I wanted two day holiday. She says take it, I said take job somewhere else. He says why will I work there, I have job here. She says its called sarcasm, you did not understand, why do you want to go. He says I have to help Khiloni in his sister’s marriage, Khiloni will be tied, as he always creates problems. He says I m close to his family and have to manage work, you will get blessings. She says take the holidays, but I will miss you. He smiles. He says I will miss you too madam. She asks can you do something for you. He says yes, tell me.

She says tease me like a roadside romeo. Sanju says then you will get angry, I m creative man and can do anything. She says lets see, show me your talent. Sanju teases her as romeo. He whistles and winks to her. She sprays in his eyes. He screams. She laughs and says this thing works. He asks what did you do. She says this is Suresh pepper spray, you have to make jingle for this, I will present it tomorrow, do this work if you want leave. He says I will wash my eyes, what was this.

He says I will enjoy in Bangkok, I will give good news to Khiloni. Khiloni calls him. Sanju says I was going to call you, hear the good news, I fooled madam and she agreed to give holiday. Khiloni says I m worried thinking what will happen when you reach home, the agent has sent the ticket at your home. Sanju asks what, I lied to Kashmira, if she gets ticket then… Khiloni says then your ticket will cut, forgive me. Sanju scolds him and ends call.

Sanju goes home. The man says strange people are here. He says I m courier guy, madam got angry on me. Sanju worries. The man says two women are there, they got angry on me. Sanju says its my courier. The man asks did you hide anything from your wife, anyways she got to know it, go home and wear helmet. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call. She says you are not on your desk. He says I m in building. She says if you don’t write jingle. Your leave will get cancelled. He says I will write jingle by teasing girls. She says I hope your bad idea works for you, jingle should be submitted till evening else your leave will get cancelled. Sanju sees Kashmira angry and thinks to hold her feet.

Kashmira asks how did you come home so early, its good you came, what is all this. He says I won’t do mistake again. She says you thought you will hide anything. Sanju says no, Khiloni told me. She says you did not think what will happen of you when I know this. Sanju says sorry, I will never do this. Kashmira says then repeat it, you will keep socks for wash, not under sofa. He asks socks, are you angry for it. She says yes, house is stinking, what did you think.

He says I thought I m angry as I did not get vegs. She says I forgot that. He says office courier is going to come. Mummy takes courier. Sanju takes it and scolds mummy. Kashmira argues with Sanju. Mummy asks whats this official letter coming at home. Sanju argues and goes. Mummy asks Kashmira to check, if it was love letter. Kashmira argues.

Sanjana is angry and waits for Sanju. She says everyone became like Papa. She calls Sanju. He gets her phone. She asks where are you. He says I m on road, jingle and I are coming office. She says come soon. He rushes. Bua comes with boss. Sanjana greets Bua and asks what did you come for. Bua says its my brother’s office, I can come anytime, I got reason to come, Chadda is coming with his nephew, he wants to see you for his nephew. She prays this time relation gets fixed. Sanjana says its not possible. Bua asks why not. Sajana says I m not in town tomorrow, I m going to attend Sanju’s friend’s sister’s marriage, sorry Bua. She goes. Bua says Sanjana went and you did not say anything. Boss says sorry, Sanjana got out of hands. Bua slaps him and says I m sorry, slap went out of hands.

Sanju reaches the desk and keeps ticket in the file. He says I will write jingle. Sanjana comes and asks why did you not come to tell me jingle. Sanju says I wanted to see client’s reaction. She says try me, see my reaction first. He thinks how to say, when jingle is not prepared.

Sanju asks Dadi why did you come here. Dadi asks can’t I come here if you can go Patna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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