May I Come in Madam 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming home upset. Kashmira gives him water. She asks did Sanjana say anything. He says I did not tell anyone, they will not believe me, I have to arrange money. She asks how will we arrange 10 lakhs. He says we have good option, sell your village land. Mummy says no, we will not sell our land to cover his stupid mistake. Sanju says you and Bhupesh are on my expenses, its my right to ask for 10 lakhs. Mummy says just my grandchildren have right on the land. He asks how will you get grandchildren if I go jail. Dadi comes and catches Sanju. Mummy runs seeing Dadi. Dadi says don’t dare to sell my land, its my husband’s land. Sanju says but Dadi…. Dadi slaps him.

Sanju says I won’t sell the land. Sanjana drinks at bar and gets bill. She calls Sanju

for money. Sanju says suddenly…. Sanjana says I know you are avoiding me. He makes an excuse. She laughs and says that’s sad, did you get much hurt. He says I will know that tomorrow, I will get money tomorrow. She says i m feeling sad, can I come to see you. He says no, I will come. He goes to meet Khiloni.

Khiloni gets big shock hearing the problem. He asks 10 lakhs? Sanju asks him to help. Khiloni says what can I do. Sanju says you have money. Khiloni says no. Sanju says sell the shop, do anything, I want 10 lakhs. He hugs Khiloni and cries. Khiloni says forgive me, I can’t sell shop. Kanchan comes and asks Sanju how is he. Sanju asks Kanchan to buy him in 10 lakhs. She says my husband is calling me, I don’t have waste money for you. He says I m diamond, everyone want things for free.

Sanjana and Chedi come to meet Sanju. Sanjana says we came to see you, as you got hurt. Chedi asks Sanju to show his wound, is it an excuse. Sanjana says don’t be mean. Sanju makes excuse.

Chedi asks about money. Sanju asks Kashmira to get snacks for Chedi and Sanjana. He says we have many spoons in our house. Chedi flirts with Ramwati, and says we will leave now. Sanjana asks Sanju to sit. She does shayari. Sanju tells Chedi that he will get money. Sanju tells Kashmira that Sanjana and Chedi are gone, don’t make snacks. Mummy says Sanju, arrange money fast. Sanju thinks how to get money. He meets Khiloni and asks him to support him in his work, else he will tell everyone that Khiloni has stolen money. Khiloni says you are blackmailing me. Sanju says you are with me in this work, we will ask for extra money and share money. Khiloni says fine, when to do this. Sanju says tonight.

Sanju and Khiloni wear mask and go to kidnap Mummy. Sanju makes her smell chloroform. They take her to kitchen. Khiloni says I got tired. Bhupesh comes to kitchen. He falls down. Khiloni hides. Bhupesh leaves. Sanju and Khiloni take mummy.

Its morning, Bhupesh tells Kashmira that he fell in kitchen at night. Sanju asks her to leave it and taunts. She asks Sanju to shut up or talk sweet. Sanju asks where is mummy. Kashmira says she did not get up. Sanjana comes there and greets them. She says I thought to give lift to Sanju, as he got hurt. Kashmira says how sweet. Sanjana says actually, the truth is Papa has sent me to get money, I m not in hurry though, so shall we get money. Sanju asks for mummy. Kashmira goes to see. Sanju talks to Sanjana. Kashmira comes crying and gets note. Bhupesh asks what happened. Sanju says Mummy got kidnapped. Bhupesh asks how did you know this.

Dadi asks Sanju not to get mummy back, else she will not leave him. Sanju says understood. Dadi asks him to enjoy the tea.

Update Credit to: Amena

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