May I Come in Madam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Bhupesh won’t he go office. Bhupesh says I m taking leave. Sanju asks him to see news, why do you give office news to Kashmira. Bhupesh plays news. The reporter tells them about serial kidnapper. Kashmira comes and says there is a good news. Reporter says kidnapper hates men, he does not go close to men, he attacks beautiful girls. Mummy says I won’t go out of home. Reporter says every woman is not lucky like aunties, commissioner appealed to woman not to leave from home, police is with you, none has seen kidnapper’s face.

Sanju imagines weird things. Kashmira asks him to come home early, Tillu is coming, he is not mad now, he married and is coming with wife. Sanju says he married, it means he is mad. He goes.

Chedi asks Sanjana to stay

at home, did she see news. She says yes. He says you take care, I m going to protect someone else. She says that’s kind of you. He says I have love and respect for women. She asks him to go and do his duty. He thanks her and goes. Sanju thinks to scare Sanjana. He wears some mask. She gets a call. She sees Sanju and hits on his head. Sanju shouts and says its me, why did you beat me. She says its called self defence, why did you wear this knowing the kidnapper news. She asks for a favor. He asks her to say. She says I m scared of kidnapper, Chedi is not at home, can you spend a night with me. Sanju imagines jumping with Sanjana on bed.

He says I will not leave that kidnapper. She says it will be lots of fun. Khiloni comes office and meets Sanju. Sanju says madam said she will stay with me being scared of kidnapper. He tells his plan. He asks Khiloni to scare Sanjana. Khiloni says fine and jokes. Sanju slaps him and scolds him. He says I will explain Kashmira anyway. Kashmira calls him. She says I m making good food for Tillu, come home on time. Sanju says I can’t come home. Khiloni is injured, I have to be with him in hospital. He says explain Tillu that Khiloni is not fine. She says fine, I will manage.

Khiloni jokes and says I will throw stones at madam’s window, be ready to hug her. Sanju says be careful when you leave, Kashmira should not see you. Tillu talks to his wife. He says we will go to Kashmira’s house now. She says I will call taxi.

He says we will go by bus. He gets angry on him. She runs to her Maayka. He asks did she run away, without bus. Sanju calls Khiloni. Khiloni dressed as woman is leaving. Sanju says don’t come, madam is calling me in washroom. Sanju goes to Sanjana. He imagines romancing Sanjana.

She asks him to hand over the towel. He passes her the towel. She thanks him. He calls Khiloni and asks him to come, throw stones. Khiloni agrees. Sanjana calls Sanju. Sanju calls Khiloni and asks him not to come, madam is calling me again, go home. He goes to Sanju. She asks him to hand over the nightie to her. Sanju sees the nightie and says what a nightie, if madam wears this, my life will get set. He hands over he nightie.

She comes and asks what are you doing here. He says you did not wear that nightie. She says I had to put it in laundry bag. He calls Khiloni and asks where are you. Khiloni says I m going home. Sanju asks him to come and throw stones. Khiloni says I can’t come. Sanju asks him to come any way. Khiloni agrees. Kashmira calls Tillu. He says my wife ran away and hits head to wall. He answers his call and says we will come on time. Kashmira says fine, we are waiting. Khiloni looks for auto. Tillu sees Khiloni and says I got wife, I will make her meet Kashmira, and have dinner.

Sanjana flirts with Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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