May I Come in Madam 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming to Sanju. She says I was feeling scared, I was not getting sleep, can I sleep here on sofa with you, can I hug you if I feel scared, will it be fine. He says yes, come, we will sleep. He falls down from the sofa and says it was just a dream, I wish every dream turns true, madam will be with Kashmira, she would be telling about me. He goes to hear them. Sanjana asks Kashmira was it love marriage or arranged. Kashmira says love marriage, I m very happy with Sanju. Sanju hears them laughing and says I can’t take stress, I have to hear what they are talking.

He gets inside the room and hides under the bed. Kashmira says Sanjana, don’t you think you should have someone to love you and care for you. Sanjana says like you have Mr. Sajan. Kashmira says

he loves me a lot, but turns strange. Sanjana says yes, he stays confused in office. Sanju worries. Kashmira says yes, I also agree, he called me madam when he complicated me.

Sanjana laughs and says sometimes he praises me too. Kashmira asks what. Sanjana says he tells something. Kashmira finds Sanju under the bed and pulls him out. Sanjana gets shocked. Kashmira asks what were you doing under bed. He says surprise…. I was sleeping and did not hear anything.

Sanju says I just get sleep in my bedroom, so I came here. Kashmira stares. He says I think I can sleep outside, good night. He goes.

Next day, Sanjana thanks Sanju and says I had fun at your home. Sanju says I would have fun at your home. She says sure, I will invite Kashmira my home next time, I m thinking to come today again. He asks why, I mean I m happy, you are most welcome, but Kashmira was unwell, she needs rest, come some other day. Sanjana says no, I will come today as Kashmira is unwell, I will take care of her, such a sweet girl. Lift guard plays radio. Mera chota sa…………. Plays……….. Sanju says the words to lift guard and goes.

Peon asks Sanju what will you have. Sanju says poison. Peon asks how much sugar. Sanju says I m upset, you had two women in your life. Peon says no, I did not see anyone except my wife. Sanju makes him sit and says I m going to tell you something, boss should not come in between. He gives wine to peon. Peon drinks it and says there were two women in my life. Sanju asks did it happen that your wife and lover became friends. Peon says yes, I was stuck. Sanju says you would have felt scared. Peon says yes, a lot. Sanju asks for some solution. Peon tells about misunderstandings between the two women. Peon turns into boss and asks Sanju not to get over friendly. He gets drunk and leaves.

Sanju goes to Sanjana and tells Kashmira does not like her. Sanjana asks why, I want to know. He says Kashmira backbites about you. He says change the topic. She says no, I m happy. He asks happy? She says yes, true friend shows your weaknesses, unlike you, I love your wife, she is so innocent, you are so opposite, tell her that I will come home and she can criticize me on my face like a true friend.

Sanju meets Khiloni and drinks. Sanju asks Khiloni for some solution. Khiloni argues and says I will beat you today. Sanju says I will get beaten up by Kashmira, madam and Dadi. He gets idea that if Dadi comes infront of madam, madam will not come here. Khiloni asks how will Dadi come. Sanju says I will get Dadi and drinks a lot. He goes home and argues with Kashmira to make her angry. He says I m not scared of Dadi, get her out, I will see her. She says Dadi will beat you. He asks why do you care, get Dadi here to talk to me. She gets angry.

Sanju argues with mummy. Kashmira says you told me that you will take me for movie and argues. He says I have much work in office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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