May I Come in Madam 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting scared seeing burning coal. Kashmira says coal is waiting for you. Sanjana says we are dying to see you. Sanju says I will walk, it can’t be done in hurry. They all cheer for him. Sanjana feels coal heat and steps back, saying this leg is not auspicious. They cheer for him again. He stops. Bhupesh says I think Sanju will walk on head. Sanju feeds him coal. Bhupesh leaves smoke. Kashmira says Bhupesh is right, Sanju can do anything. Sanjana asks Sanju to do it. Bhupesh says I will help him. Sanju slaps Bhupesh and says I m not any saint, its all a drama, mad man will walk on burning coals, I did drama to impress madam, Khiloni knows the tricks, he taught me and did that. Khiloni leaves. Sanjana says how do you get so much time to plan this, enough of

this. Chedi cries. Sanjana takes him.

Mummy says we knew it. Bhupesh says he did this for Sanjana. Kashmira asks them to go. She asks Sanju to clarify, then she will decide what to do with him. Sanju says I was impressing madam to get salary hike for your sake, so that I fulfill your dreams, I wear same clothes every day, there is diamond jewelry sale, you said you don’t have diamond set, I did drama to see diamond set in your neck, you ruined my plan. She asks did you do this for me, so sorry, its fine, I got to know how much you love me, how did you know about madam’s past. He says I got her diary, now its all ruined, you wanted me to talk on coal, what trick can I use here, now I will walk. She stops him and says I m sorry.

Its morning, Sanju comes to meet Sanjana. She embarrasses him. He apologizes. She asks how did you get my personal info. He shows her diary and says I did cheating by this. She says now I get it, why did you do this. He says I wanted to win your heart for getting promotion. She cuts down his salary.

Its morning, Sanju checks what to wear. Kashmira asks him to check bulb. He asks her to change bulb. They argue. Sanjana checks her radio. Sanju greets her and asks what is she doing with junk. She says mind your language, this is my Dada ji’s last sign, he used to hear radio a lot. She says I was getting storeroom cleared and got this radio, I thought to play it. Sanju says I will fix it. She says not again. He says I repair everything at home. She says you are joking with me. He says I will repair it. She says its an antique. Sanju checks it.

She says I will call an electrician. He plays music on phone. She gets glad and dances. He imagines to dance with her. She sees him dancing alone and asks what are you doing. He says its such good music, I could not stop. His phone rings. She catches him cheat. She says so you were fooling me by playing song in mobile. He says you can say this, I was not fooling you, I was showing when I repair my radio, if good quality sound does not come like this song, you can fire me. She says I will fire you any way. He takes radio.

At home, Sanju tries repairing radio. Bhupesh asks him to repair his radio as well. Sanju fixes Sanjana’s repair. Bhupesh jokes. Sanju slaps him. The song plays. Sanju smiles. Bhupesh says liftman’s radio works better. Sanju sends him. He says now madam will be impressed with me. Kashmira and mummy come home. Kashmira scolds Sanju and asks did you marry me or Sanjana. She says Dadi is on the way. He says I feel sad when you talk this way, you are intelligent, if my salary gets high, you will get money. She says no, my ego is hurt, fix the bulb, else I will break this radio. He agrees. Kashmira goes to get stairs. Sanju imagines to make mummy dance.

Sanju gets the electric shock. Kashmira gets him down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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